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David Morrissey as Dramatic VO
Cristiano Ronaldo as Himself
Lionel Messi as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 8 / 10


Ronaldo is truly one the greatest athletes ever born in the history of sports.He is an inspiration for all of us.Thank you man for all the wonderful memories you gave us.Proud to be his fan

Reviewed by Nicholas Ruddick 7 / 10

More Revealing Than It Was Probably Intended to Be

Many people will be disappointed by this documentary. There is almost nothing, for instance, about the six seasons (2003-09) that Cristiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United and which laid the foundations of his greatness. There are no interviews with teammates or with great footballers past and present that put his achievements in context. Though Ronaldo himself speaks frequently, he says nothing about how he prepares for games, or about which coaches or fellow professionals he admires. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating film, one in which we learn a lot about this footballing phenomenon, certainly one of the ten greatest forwards ever to play the world's most popular sport, and yet fated to be second best during his own playing career.

Ronaldo has been called a narcissist, a supreme egotist in what should be a team enterprise. And this documentary confirms that in so many ways he is. But actually his self-love is a part of that essential, unshakable self-belief without which he could never have attained the heights. The characteristic shot of him in the documentary is at the wheel of one of his garage full of luxury cars: he likes to be viewed as at the helm, in control. The past (represented by the Manchester United years under the arch-manager Sir Alex Ferguson) means little to him. The future is equally irrelevant except as the potential site of further personal trophies. He lives in the bubble of the present, and his goal each year is not so much team trophies for Real Madrid or Portugal like the Champions League or World Cup, but the Ballon d'Or, the annual FIFA trophy for the best player in world football. What animates him now is the desire to win more Ballons d'Or than Lionel Messi, the diminutive, far less photogenic Barcelona striker, who is two years younger, has won the Ballon d'Or four times to Ronaldo's twice, and is probably the greatest forward ever to grace the game.

The documentary focuses upon Ronaldo's relationships with his agent and with his family. And here we learn about the distant alcoholic father and the warm mother who Ronaldo strongly resembles and who lives every game he plays along her nerves. All this is interesting and tends to humanize this superman a little. And so too does Ronaldo's close relationship with his young son Cristiano Jr., born 2010. But this son has no mother: Ronaldo has never revealed who bore the child, and he has sole custody. It's as though he purchased an infant under the condition that it would be his alone to mould into what he chooses, namely a reproduction of himself. Yet it's clear from the documentary that footballers with Cristiano Ronaldo's talents are rare indeed and his skills are not transferable. How the devoted small child will take to being manipulated during his adolescence by a father whose achievements the son will never be able to match ought to be the stuff of another, probably less hagiographic documentary in ten years' time.

Reviewed by SnoosReviews 4 / 10

A wasted opportunity to show us what we really wanted to see from a Documentary on one of the most successful Footballers of all time.

Being a lifelong United fan, I had always had a soft spot for Ronaldo even if he did leave us and go on to be even more successful for that Spanish circus. He did remarkable things for us and it was always clear he was to leave us for Madrid, it wasn't a question of if, it was a question of when. Over recent years my soft spot for him has dwindled, of course you cannot question his ability and professionalism, he is a fantastic player who can do fantastic things. Of late though he seems to have become a parody of himself, he's always had that arrogance and it is warranted, he's that good he can carry that trait and pulls it off. Over the past few years though it has gone to new extremes, when he celebrated over the top when scored the 4th goal in a 4-1 Champions League win a few years back yet hardly joined in the celebrations of the much more important equalizing goal or the second goal, simply because he has no part in them. That is just one example of how he has gone too far with his arrogance, this 'documentary' is on another level yet again though.

The opening scene shows Messi winning Ballon D'or after Ballon D'or, Ronaldo speaking over this essentially spits his dummy out, traumatised and heartbroken. This sets the tone, Ronaldo doesn't care about team glory if he doesn't have the personal, individual glory to go with it. Winning the Best Player in the World award is all he wants, his success within teams is nowhere near as important as that to him, and in a team sport, that is a really negative, delusional trait to have.

Its labelled a documentary but its hardly that, its essentially a VLOG or Ronaldo's year leading up to his Ballon D'or award, covering the world cup and the Champions League final. Sadly we get to see minimal back story from his child hood, Lisbon or Manchester United years. He touches on these times but we get no depth to it and we are not shown anything new or interesting. Nobody talks directly down the camera, instead we have Ronaldo narrating scenes of himself being vain and obnoxious or filming of his life in his home which gets repetitive from the 1st minute as he doesn't show us anything important at all.

The film seems to advertise his Son just as much as it does himself, the scenes with his Son are somehow all about Ronaldo as well. 'Drink that drink and you will get strong arms like Daddy', he then flexes his biceps. Yawn. Or when he gets his Son to do 5 sit ups, only for Ronaldo to then start working out. His Mother features heavily in this film and she seems much more humble and down to earth. However Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo's agent is also featured often and he is a close runner with Ronaldo for most arrogant man on the planet. What a slime ball he is, and the sucking up to Ronaldo that he does is some of the most cringe worthy things I have ever had to witness.

One scene that completely epitomises Ronaldo Is when he opens his Garage, which is bigger than the average house, to show his Son that one of his cars is missing as it is having some work done. Ronaldo's Son is then forced to guess which one is missing, 'The Rolls, The Porsche, The Ferrari?' his Son guesses as he walks around the garage surrounded by super cars. 'No' says Ronaldo, 'The one that goes even faster than that'. How can you even film that and not feel like a complete and utter narcissistic moron?

Another thing we have to endure is his inability to take any blame for his actions. His never criticises himself once during the whole documentary, he genuinely believes that he is faultless and failures are not down to his ability but rather his team mates, injuries or other irrelevant factors. His unhealthy desire to be the best at everything he does is choreographed perfectly in this movie, everything is done dramatically and with utmost bias towards him and his career.

There are some positives though, I liked to see his house, his lifestyle, private jets and behind the scenes at award shows. His general arrogance often annoyed me, but looking past that and seeing how these multi-millionaires live is quite surreal. The scene where his Son spots Messi and is star struck is a great scene as it shows us how lucky we are to have these two great footballers playing at the same time in the same era.

Overall the movie offers nothing of great interest to the average football fan or even fans of Ronaldo. It will of course be lapped up by the teenage fan boys, making him a ton of money in the process. It would have been nice to see a documentary which shows us his past, gets in touch with his emotions more and provides more depth to his life. Instead it is simply a 90 minute video of Ronaldo telling us how he wants to always be the best and showing us how flash his lifestyle is, he's a man who has everything yet seems incredibly lonely and often unhappy.


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