Rome in Love



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Italia Ricci as Amelia Tate
Barbara Bouchet as Betty Richichi
Ross McCall as Dominic D'Andrea
Peter Porte as Philip Hamilton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 10 / 10

What an amazing surprise

This movie sat on my DVR for 3 months. I almost erased it several times. I was saving it as a last resort. I saw that it was a remake, or at least about making a remake of an absolute classic movie with an iconic star. I expected it to be a typical remake, cliché, derivative, just bad. I finally watched it.

First let me say that this movie probably pushed exactly the right buttons for me personally. I love sister stories. (When Hope Calls and A Christmas Note are always must see for me.) I won't give away some of the other heartwarming elements of that story. For me, that heaped on top of the Cinderella aspect of the story, was the heart of the movie. This combination was guaranteed to melt my heart. The romance was secondary for me. I did think there was good chemistry between Ricci and Porte.

Of course there are two things you can see coming from a mile away as far as this movie being predictable. But the writers used it to their advantage rather than having it be just another predictable ending.

I am sad to see reviewers who criticize the movie for Ricci being pregnant. I don't know Ricci well, so I didn't notice it. Shame on those people for several reasons. For one, it perpetuates the standard that seems to be expected that all of our female stars have not an once of fat. For another it hits unfairly at women who choose to be mothers while working in a world that penalizes them for that. Shame. I for one am glad to see a woman being able to enjoy having a family and still be able to work if that's what she chooses. I salute Hallmark for women like Ricci and Jill Wagner and Emilie Ullerup and Andrea Brooks who have all welcomed new family members in the last year and were apparently expecting while making a movie or TV show for them.

BTW: I often see complaints about book covers showing a scene that has nothing to do with the story. I had to laugh after seeing the picture featured to promote this movie and then watching the movie itself, it was Ricci driving the scooter, not Porte.

Reviewed by omijer 6 / 10

Rome is the Star of this movie

The potential for a very romantic movie was somehow lost in this Hallmark film. The views of Rome were stunning! The beautiful leading actress did her very best with a rather weak and convoluted script. Her smile is radiant, and her acting is pitch-perfect. However, there was much to be desired in the script and the plot. For one, there were too many plot lines. The star's family 'secrets' , of one..The leading man's writer' block, for another. The pressure from the papparazzi, yet another. Halfway into the film, it became difficult to follow so many themes. Credit goes to the two leads who tried to make this a romanic love story credible and captivating..Somehow they failed. In a Hallmark movie, one always knows the story will end with a kiss. Waiting for it in this film was rather a long drawn-out ordeal. The chemistry between the two leads was just not there. The secondary leads were so much more interesting..the hotel butler who befriended the young American actress. The older Italian woman who encouraged the male lead to follow his heart..They were animated and captivating characters. The two main leads seemed to be struggling to achieve some romantic connection.. To say more about what may have impeded it would be politically incorrect.

This film had so much potential and, sadly, missed the mark..

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

can't measure up

Kathryn Tate sees that Roman Holiday is being remade and convinces her sister Amelia (Italia Ricci) to audition. She is paired with movie star Jonathan Lyman but her identity is kept secret for the promotion. Philip Hamilton (Peter Porte) has writer's block and meets Amelia.

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck are big stars to aspire for. The targets are too high and this movie never gets close. Ricci is a fine Hallmark actress but it's unfair to have the comparison. The guys are worst. The Rome locations are great but they're not shot that well. Most egregious is the missing Mouth of Truth. I'm guessing that they won't let Hallmark film there. Instead of being about a Roman Holiday remake, it should be a fan girl's movie odyssey. That way, it can pay homage to the classic without having to be compared to it. This could never get a sense of the old film and the media circus comes off fake. Non of this has the substance that the classic film deserves.

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