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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PoppyTransfusion 9 / 10

A Girl's Story

This film is like every great film - multi-faceted, which means it has resonance that is almost universal. It's about a black girl. It's multi-racial. It's about children born of recent immigrant families. It's about coming of age. It's about being a girl. It's about mental health with limited support for families affected. It's about a brother and sister. It's about working classes. It's urban. It's London. It's Hackney. It's amazing and the story of Rocks and Emmanuel made me cry.

I chose the girl's story for personal resonance because girls on the verge of adulthood with talents, ambitions and dreams fire the film.

Rocks is British. Her grandma is Nigerian. Her mother troubled. She has a younger brother who loves dinosaurs and who has the lines that are the emotional heart of the film. "Close your eyes and think of everything that makes you happy. Keep breathing in and out." He says this when his sister and him are displaced to a grubby hotel as she tries to keep them together in their mother's absence and with Social Services looking to find them.

Before her mum leaves Rocks was able to live as a normal teenager with a group of friends I loved and envied. After her mum leaves the friendships are challenged and the challenges are coming of age, as maturity replaces innocence.

I have no more of the story to relate because it is the characterisation and superb acting that brings everything alive. Just has to be seen.

Reviewed by Xstal 8 / 10

Rocks & A Hard Place...

Another outstanding piece of contemporary British film, as a teenage schoolgirl finds herself alone and left responsible for her younger brother. Soul destroying in so many ways, performances as good as any you'll find, a depiction of a world we'd like to ignore but, unfortunately, reinforcing a theme whose variations are common and increasingly so.

Reviewed by srjohannes 9 / 10


Rocks is a film that was really powerful. It was heartfelt, touching, and emotional. You were able to get wrapped up into the story and experience something that felt real. You were able to cringe at the lows the main character reaches, you were able to smile at small character moments, and you were able to cry when things turned somber. This film is wonderfully crafted, with its excellent writing, editing, direction, and story, it's truly remarkable. I have nothing but good things to say. I rate Rocks a 9/10.

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