Ring of Darkness


Action / Horror / Music / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 2.7 10 628


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Jeremy Jackson as Xavier
Greg Cipes as Gordo
Suzanne Whang as TV Reporter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gordon_glover 1 / 10

so bad its off-scale

Would like to have a negative scale -10 to vote for this. Yep the Zombies tag got me. Some bad films are so bad they become fun, this isn't! unacceptably irredeemably awful not a single saving grace. Don't watch this movie set fire to your feet or perform a self appendectomy with a blunt spoon; either will be more entertaining than the movie!! Did I mention the god awful and major league irritating 'song' played all the way through this? No, ah well, I was trying to be nice but they started it! If you like music don't watch this film If you think it's a zombie film don't watch this film If you think this is a film go out and have too much to drink and then put the DVD in your toaster. Enjoy

Reviewed by Yoshi6666 1 / 10

Yay, it's the Backstreet Boys... or is it?

Yep, almost all the boys hate the Backstreet Boys, so did a man direct this movie? This movie was a drag and cheaply made. I got bored to tears, and I didn't even know why I was watching it. I could change to another channel, but I just stood there like a mindless zombie. Why couldn't I just change the dang channel and not wait till the end? It would have saved my life! Well, I hate this movie. Zombies as horrible singers? Plus, some of the auditioned people who made it sang the same, so that was cheap. Horrible lyrics, dreadful singing, can I take anymore of that? This movie was bad.

Don't watch it. You'll die from boredness and stupidness of the movie.

Reviewed by IronHillbilly 2 / 10

That Was Pretty Bad.

Ring Of Darkness is about a boy band with a supernatural secret. Apparently, they like to kill and eat their victim's blood. Are they vampires or what? I do not know because the movie never fully explains what they are. I do know that this movie was sub-par in every way to other movies in it's genre.

The band's lead singer finds out their secret, or suddenly has a problem with it- again, not explained. I only know he is going to reveal the secret to the world. The band can't have that and they kill him. They tell the press the pressure got to him and he is now in the hospital. In the meantime, they need a new lead singer so they have tryouts.

"It's all about the voice", says one of the band members, but then each of the contestants lip syncs the entire song. Pretty laughable. Once they get their final 3 contestants, it's off to a secluded mansion where they can make their final pick. The only problem is, they're slowly disappearing.

This movie was pretty bad, even by "B" Movie horror standards. Whoever was in charge of special effects should be banned from the industry forever. There was more horror in the acting than in the actual movie. Particularly by Ryan Starr. She is definitely not gifted in this department. There was a cool little twist at the end, which is what bumped it up to 2 stars for me but other than that, there is little more to this movie. 85 minutes of wasted time. Coltin Scott was probably the best actor in the movie, but seriously, that is not saying much. My recommendation is avoid. If you want some good "B" Movie horror, try Monster Man.

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