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Laura Flannery as Samantha Ramage
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qyzenreviews 2 / 10

Proud Bigotry Killers

The nefarious plot starts with 1913 court statements as Thomas and Meeks Griffin, two wealthy black farmers held responsible for a crime they didn't commit and were sent for execution.

Now, After 100 odd years they are back to brutally kill white people and who were descendants to their captured property.

The acting apart from Terry Milam was really dull, and the clunky dialogues get very sloppy as the screenplay rolls out.

The flick, unfortunately, lacks in producing the subtly or shading motive which represent racism and also, it forgets for 80 minutes that it was supposed to be a horror film.

Sure there is some gore in there, but awful acting and effects with their minuscule budget, the revenge meter got over-heated to cut any corners.

There are many terrible moments in this lousy movie where it totally does not make any sense at all.

This movie had so much potential, but they just ruined it themselves.

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10

repent ...

Or you will die in expectation... a low budget, bad acted, but with a glimmer of hope of an idea, gory southern horror, with digital bloodspatter, and cgi wounds made by the reaperman and his whippet.

Its a c movie for sure x2, but not for the common and squemish horror lover, the idea could easily have gone home on a larger budget thinks the grumpy old man.

Reviewed by vesicpeter 1 / 10

Seriously dumb movie

They claim this is based on a true story.... also

One hundred years after being wrongly executed, two black brothers return from the grave to avenge their deaths and reclaim their land.

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