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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goatboy-43868 4 / 10

Falls a bit flat.

Comedy horror isn't the easiest genre to get right. You have to get the balance right between the comedy and the horror, and you have to have actors who have the skill to pull it off. This has neither, so the film comes across as a bit schizophrenic. The comedy takes away the impact of the scary parts and horror makes some of the comedy seem distasteful. It's an entertaining enough romp, but has more than it's fair share of cringey moments and is unlikely to scare anyone. Ok to watch if there really is nothing else to see, but wouldn't recommend it. It's all a bit lightweight and muddled.

Reviewed by rqualls-82209 1 / 10

Do not watch! Terrible

This movie is a cess pool of awful acting and bad writing. Like, on par with birdemic awful. Just, don't. It isn't even "so bad, it is good" bad. More like so bad it's migraine inducing.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10

Mildly entertaining, but weak in the horror department...

Well, I wasn't really sure what I was getting into here, as I sat down in 2021 to watch the 2019 horror movie "ReVisitant". I had never heard about the movie, and I must admit that title of the movie was a bit silly. But still, with it being a horror movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I found the time to sit down to watch this movie from writers Jon Binkowski and Stephen DeWoody.

And while "ReVisitant" is a watchable movie and mildly entertaining, it was by no means a milestone in horror cinema. The movie, as directed by Jon Binkowski, was running on what felt like auto-pilot. The script and storyline was pretty linear and didn't really offer much of any shocks or surprises. And actually, for a horror movie then "ReVisitant" was a bit on the tame same.

The storyline was pretty straight forward, I will say that much. But writers Jon Binkowski and Stephen DeWoody weren't really venturing into unknown territory with what they delivered in terms of script and storyline here. So if you are a seasoned horror veteran, such as myself, then "ReVisitant" comes off as a bit mundane and generic.

The acting in the movie was actually fair enough, though I doubt it is performances that I will be remembering a week from now. But the cast were doing good enough jobs with the material they had to work with.

I mentioned earlier that this horror movie was a bit tame. And it is. There isn't anything overly scary throughout the course of the movie. Some of the effects were adequate, but they weren't exactly scary.

Ultimately, then "ReVisitant" is a less than mediocre foray into the horror genre. I am rating it a four out of ten stars. It is good enough for a single viewing, provided you are not expecting a grand horror experience here.

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