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John Bach as Jack
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lemmyhead 7 / 10

Slow burn.

If you like your horror with lots of blood, splatter. and quick cut frights, this film is not for you. This is a real slow burner. Within the first ten minutes you know there's something burning underneath. Clues are added in flash backs. Sometimes in conversations between the two protagonists. There it is, simmering away. You really want to find out. Annoyed because you want it to move on more quickly. In a nice way. It's a very well acted film. There are only three characters that are worthy of mention, Ellie, (Emma Draper/Gina Laverty), Ivy (Julia Ormond0 and Cara (Ava Keane). The two senior actors put in fine performances. Their shattered mother, daughter, relationship is built through out the film. Terminating in a final scene that sums up their relationship. The two young actors play their role more than competently and are worth keeping an eye open for in the future. The supporting actors are just that. They carry their small parts with aplomb but because of the shortness of the roles they don't have time to shine. The film is set in a mansion that appears to be in the countryside of New Zealand. There's plenty of light for the outdoor scenes. The indoor scenes are all dark. Not so dark that you don't know what's happening. Dark to make the place oppressive. It's nicely shot and manages to keep the gloom, conspiracy and feel of threat. This has made my list to watch again. If you want to spend 95 minutes working your brain and have pieces of horror thrown in. This is the film for you.

Reviewed by RMS1949 2 / 10

Wasted acting..

A dismal movie that some may call a slow burn. I just call it "boring".. The entire premise of the film is to established a final showdown between mother and daughter.. And when it came it's totally dulled by imagery and more flashbacks, as if we didn't have enough of those already.. Both actresses did a fine job with the mess they were handed but just couldn't overcome it..

Reviewed by jtindahouse 4 / 10

A film stuck in a flat and repetitve rut

I've enjoyed some New Zealand horror films in the past, so while I wouldn't say my expectations for 'Reunion' were high, there was certainly some reason for optimism. Sadly it was ill-founded optimism. This film took about 85 minutes to get out of first gear. There were times when I was wondering whether I had looked up the wrong film. The film I was supposed to be seeing was supposedly a horror (or at least a mystery/thriller) movie. This felt like an extended episode of 'Shortland Street' (a local soap-opera).

I had actually seen the trailer for this film before going in, something I try to avoid for movies if I can. It hadn't looked great in the trailer, but I was hopeful they'd left the best bits out. In actuality I couldn't tell you what the best bits of this film were. It was all very repetitive and dull. The highlight package was limited. It wouldn't have been an easy film to make a trailer for.

The film tries to do some damage control at the end and throw a shocking twist at us, but by then I had checked out and no longer had enough investment in the story to care. Also the way they presented the finale was quite bizarre. It just didn't work for me. I'm sad to say that 'Reunion' was a misfire and not one I would recommend.

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