2015 [DUTCH]

Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 1345

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Malpaso13 2 / 10

A Bit of a Waste

This film is photographed beautifully, capturing the French countryside in all it's wonder. The movie itself? Not so wonderful. The "protagonist" is difficult to pull for, as her motivations for the rendez-vous of the title seem incredibly selfish and callous. You can tell from the first interaction with her future tryst, that she's all-in, and doesn't hide it, from anyone--all while her husband appears to be at worst, a workaholic. There are a couple twists that are not-so-subtly suggested by the Director (if you know Chekov's Gun concept, you'll get it right away). The final shot is infuriating and you just hope the husband wakes up and starts a new life somewhere.

Reviewed by ematerso 5 / 10

mildly entertaining

If you enjoy watching HGTV remodeling shows, like watching attractive looking people, enjoy different cultures you will get some enjoyment from this.

If you are impatient with implausible behaviors, not accepting of plot holes and think "can cultural norms really be this different?" you will have more difficulty liking this film.

Since when it is an owners responsibility to provide a meal for workers? Why would a couple fall under the sway of someone who is obviously a con man, so easily? Why would the person who holds the purse strings open them for their mate at the behest of the con man? Why would a woman submit so easily to a cheap sexual relationship when her own mother deserted her for the same reason? When we know the heroine is the recipient of her mothers property + a sizable amount of cash, why is there no explanation of her sisters inheritance from their mother? Or lack of?

When a tragic accident occurs why would the characters not immediately call in authorities rather than try to cover up something that is immediately understandable?

Reviewed by wvisser-leusden 8 / 10

Dutch horror in France

'Rendez-vous' (= French for 'meeting') is based on a novel of Esther Verhoef, one of Holland's top selling thriller-writers in books.

And happily Verhoef's very capable story-telling shows in the film. Telling us a pretty Dutch plot: not very refined or sophisticated, but surely tensely and loaded with human drama. And ending in a very surprising & unexpected way.

Verhoef also connects with a well-known Dutch practice: a Dutch couple that rebuilds an old & badly looking French farmhouse in a guest house. In the Dutch mind an idea like this has a somewhat romantic aura, inspiring quite a number of Holland's citizens to emigrate to France ..... however, as both Holland and France are in the European Union, emigration is hardly a suitable word to express their moving over.

Anyway, 'Rendez-vous' shows a tension that keeps you watching from beginning to end -- provided you are prepared to accept its typical, somewhat edgy & blunt Dutch story. All the way accompanied by a picturing that is good without being brilliant.

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