Red Woods


Adventure / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 87

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gabdoesvideos 2 / 10


This may or may not have been the worst film i've ever seen. This was hard to watch. The cuts are horrible. The audio is hard to make out. The acting is, to put it charitably, weak. The plot/narrative is not at all engaging. And it is not suspenseful, although they try in a very heavy handed way to make the watcher feel suspense. Other than that it is a great movie.

Reviewed by ljulien 5 / 10

I didn't expect much but it turned out to be kinda ok...

As much would expect this movie is another kind of "found footage - Blair Witch inspired". What was good in it? Well, acting was decent actually and characters were ok. Locations are well shot, and even if it was not really scary there actually was a sense of disgust/creep through what the characters slowly get into. Waht was bad? Let's face it, there's quickly too much going on with some people going one way, the others another, new one introduced, and so on, it gets all messy, for the last third of the movie it turns out to go from horror found footage to an action movie, it's all over the place and so the ending turns to be rushed and not really satisfying. I'd say there's good ideas in this film but the writer/director should have made some choices when it came to how to conduct them. It bites more than it can chew ! Anyway, regarding it's a low budget indie horror flick it's of course another forgetable film but fairly watchable if you're into the genre.

Reviewed by candidthoughts 10 / 10

Solid Indie Film

For a found-footage indie film with no Hollywood budget, this film is very well done. The story provides fresh new twists on what is typically a formulaic plot in these types of movies. The acting was great--the characters were genuinely portrayed. The actor who played Cross was especially great at performing with anger and angst--he nailed it. The film's audio could have been better, though. Kudos to you independent filmmakers and actors! Keep up the good work and don't be discouraged by the nay-sayers!

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