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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fleshpixie 1 / 10

Need to be a zombie to sit through this

Production is so cheap(sound especially right from the start), acting is worse, it starts off with a weak plot and action and stays that way.

Reviewed by VincenzOhRly 6 / 10

A good effort

Has some pertinent things to say about "the enemy within" we know today. I have to believe George would've admired that.

Also I seriously enjoyed the zombie's high beam-emitting peepers. Some good spooky moments result from that and I wish the effect was utilized more. A nice tip of the hat to Lambert Bava's "Demons"es this production made their own.

Unfortunately there's many instances of budgetary constraint on display and some uneven performances that hobble "Rebirth" to an extent, but if you're a fan of the original it's worth a watch (and smarter than a lot of people will give it credit for).

And while we're talking George and "the original" I don't understand the logic behind dropping the "Living Dead" moniker. Personally I will never not refer to this as "Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth." Though that's certainly more of a mouthful.

Reviewed by mibradygrl 4 / 10


It was too hard to take seriously when a guy keeps referring to another man his own age as "kid" and "child". This dude is at least 30 and everyone is treating him as if he is 10. Even consoling him when he sobs in fear, whining that he wants to go home. Not sure if he's supposed to be mentally handicapped and that's why? It was just funny to see and the zombies are hilariously bad with glowing eyes. The rev was a huge downer, not gonna lie, currently halfway through and can't wait for him to die. Didn't realize this was a remake, nor have I seen the original so not sure if it's supposed to be serious or funny. It's definitely funny and the acting isn't bad.

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