2013 [HINDI]

Drama / Romance


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Dhanush as Kundan Shankar
Sonam Kapoor as Zoya Haider
Abhay Deol as Akram Zaidye / Jasjeet Singh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ishpreetsingh-chadha 10 / 10

Lovely movie

Lovely movie, it had a twist and a blend of action, drama, romance, a little bit fiction too. The movie is worth a watch. it displays the actuality of the people, their nature and all i loved the romantic part of the movie as well. it was fun, interesting and very very entertaining too. I seriously recommend it to be watched. it has a little bit abuses which aren't suitable for a child's attention. if you are looking for a movie to watch for fun, to cry, to feel love, experience pain,i am pretty astonished about "Dhanush" as this was his first movie in the Bollywood and he made his mark pretty high. People it must be watched at least once, and i am very sure about going to the cinemas to see it again Enjoy, It is not something either that will get you bored during the movie. The movie has brilliant direction, acting. For me its a 11/10

Reviewed by JaikrishnaVS 7 / 10

Love and its many shades

Dhanush who had earlier wooed the South Indian audience with his acting skills, chose a script tailor made for him to launch himself into Bollywood. The movie, doesn't disappoint those who enjoyed the stories where love stands above everything else in life. To top it all, when you have ARR weaving his magic with some sublime music, the beauty of Banaras just comes alive in front of your eyes. The three main characters, all have their own shades of grey and more often than not they stem from Love. Sonam for once does justice to her role, she grew into her role as the movie progressed and gave a telling performance that she could reflect back with pride. Abhay was as flawless as ever, just easing through his role with nonchalant ease. It would only be fair if i end where I started - Dhanush simply stole the show with his intense portrayal of a person driven by love, a person who does the most stupid, brave and incomprehensible of things in the name of love. My Verdict: Expect a love story with a traditional characterization supported by some brilliant music and clean performances by the lead cast - you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by jhingalalahmm 10 / 10

Well done Dhanush!

What is different about this movie? Dhanush. An ordinary looking actor from the Tamil Film Industry. And what has he done? He has very easily managed to carry the entire film on his two shoulders. Not an easy task, but he has done it. Reason? His immense talent and experience. Not once did I feel bored watching him act flawlessly. Sonam Kapoor is another surprise package of this movie. She has also acted very well. If she wants to be taken seriously as an actor, she must do roles with meat like the one in this movie. Abhay Deol has a guest appearance which he has performed well as expected. I was sceptical about this movie but was I surprised! I am glad I went and watched this movie in a theatre. Money well spent I must say. I wont give away anything about the story in my review. I'll just say, please go and watch the movie in a theatre. And last but not the least, I want to say, "Well done Dhanush, Welcome to Hindi Film Industry!".

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