Quartier lointain

2010 [FRENCH]

Drama / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 7 10 1547

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Alexandra Maria Lara as Anna Verniaz née Zorn, la mère
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by geoperdito 9 / 10

The Present is the time of future nostalgia

Can a movie be the imagetrack of your childhood memories? Can a movie put you in such a disharmonic relationship with time?With what you were?With what you are?With what you could be? Out of the thousands of movies i've watched in my entire life,only very few can answer affirmatively to the above questions. Quartier Lointain does that in a very disarming and welcoming way.It puts you in a time bubble were allthe smaller or bigger significancies of the Past,the Present and the Future coexist in a mutual process of self cancellation.The drowned pain of a meaningless life(father),the life-affirming enthusiasm of the first love(girlfriend),the bitterness of an unjustified abandonment(by the father),the urge to please someone that can no longer be pleased(mother),all poured out of the psyche's Pandora box.You cannot intervene,you cannot change the course of things.All you can do is to passively feel.

Reviewed by ssto 8 / 10

a fine example of great European cinema

story to a movie is what voice once has been to a song...

this is still valid for European movies, and "Quartier lointain" is an example of this. alright, it is probably not the best movie ever, but the story has soul, even if the story is small, but life is knitted together with small stories like this.

the search for love, the feeling of something lost, the memory of past desires and forgotten anxieties, the wish to turn back time, the dreams of dreams...

a story moving in its own pace, no flashes and exaltations, just a fragment in the life, that should not be spent in vain

Reviewed by virindra 7 / 10

Flat acting in a beautiful movie.

Sometimes you have a movie that had a small story, but where actors act the stars of the heaven. This movie is completely the opposite.

Thomas is an old man who gets, due to catching the wrong train, back in his old town where he grew up. He visits his mother's grave and there he faints. He wakes up as himself, but then when he was fourteen years old.

He goes back to his father, mother and little sister. He even goes back to school. In real life his father has abandoned them when he was fourteen years old, and somehow he has the feeling he can stop his father, or even try to find out why he left.

The story is amazing. Camera-work is very beautiful. The acting is very flat. It does not come out. The story has many layers of feelings. But even though Thomas has feelings, he doesn't show it. Now here is the interesting part; there is a grown man inside the body of this young boy. So I expected to see a lot of aggressive emotions to come out towards his father, but they didn't. Thomas gets a girlfriend. In his own past he never had the guts to speak to her. But they start a relationship and does not dare to kiss her because he considers himself as an old man. In that scene it would have been best to have shot this older version of Thomas as the shadow of the younger version. In that way it would have been more understandable for the audience to know why the boy rejected the girls kiss.

I must say, the best acting came from the mother. A very beautiful woman, and acted like a woman from the time the story took place. The ending was not what I expected. He understood his father, but in any way he was nothing like his father. Even though he follows his father's footsteps and leaves his own family, who really loves him, fatherless and to the same faith he was left with his mother and younger sister. I find that very cruel. First of all, who leaves his family alone and second of all, why without saying anything? Some men are never born to be a man. But hey, for each his own.

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