2013 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

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Vincent Perez as Christian
Luc Schiltz as Le professeur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clintstevens 9 / 10

Naughty, But In A Nice Way

I stumbled upon this film on a 'free movie' site and decided to give it a go.

Wow, where to begin. The film is a tale of young girl's emotions and desires. Diane is a young teenager who wants to experience sex in the worst way. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, she meets a new neighbor, a slightly older and more experienced teen who treats sex as just something to do to have fun, and nothing more. She decides to help her new friend get deflowered. The movie follows the two of them as they go from male to male, from a young bartender they take to their hotel room to a young stranger in a club who won't have sex with Diane because he has a girlfriend, but is more that willing to let her perform oral sex on him.

At one point, because of her frustration, Diane decides to leave the girl's shower room at school and march stark naked into the boy's shower room, much to the young boys delight. Diane is finally deflowered by a very young male who appears to live in a one room shack and owns a very nice sailboat. Of course, Diane's friend joins in, so it becomes a threesome. Diane still seems to be unfulfilled and it appears she wants to 'do it' with her father. He seems to be clueless to this, even though Diane comes to his bed at night to cuddle, with her arms wrapped around him. Of course, her friend ends up seducing the father and they are caught by Diane doing the deed outside, under a tree. This displeases Diane and she slaps her father's face and halfheartedly runs away, until her father comes across her walking down the road and brings her home. She is last seen gazing into space, with a cat-eats-mouse grin on her face.

The actors in 'Puppylove' appear to be underage but they are all in their twenties. The movie is a 'sex, love and rock and roll' coming of age tale, with plenty of nudity typical of European films, but one that would have a hard time being made in the US, except possibly by Larry Clark of Ken Park fame. One can only wish.

Reviewed by hartley-luke 10 / 10

Fantastic acting and cinematography

A wonderfully casted and acted film. Natural performances that make you feel like you are looking into the lives of the characters. Very well done.

Reviewed by grantss 5 / 10

Flatters to deceive

Puppylove seemed to be set to be a very interesting drama. It contained some unusual characters, complex relationships and had the temerity to deal with a few taboo subjects.

Then it suddenly ended.

Instead of attempting to supply solutions, or at least tackling the issues, the writers and director just seemed to give up on the problems. The ending is incredibly disappointing.

The other disappointing thing was the performance of the lead actress, Solene Rigot. Admittedly, her character was meant to be shy and sullen, but she overdid the quietness and expressionlessness. She was Kristen Stewart-like, she was that bland (and that is not a light insult).

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