Puppet Master 5


Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Diane McBain as Attorney
Nicholas Guest as Hendy
Clu Gulager as Man #1
Chandra West as Susie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barnthebarn 5 / 10

Final Chapter...Latest Chapter...Chapter

Certainly not the 'final chapter' and though sometimes subtitled 'the latest chapter' this is also true of Puppet Master 2, 3, 4 and the other sequels. Filmed concurrently with Chapter 4 (NOT back-to-back as often mis-claimed) this has the same director (Jeff Burr) and most of the main cast - though yummy Teresa Hill is in a coma and Gordon Currie beefcakes his way through police questioning and whatever with the help of sex interest (not love) Chandra West. English actor Ian Ogilvy joins the English (and frankly quite amazing) Guy Rolfe as Toulon. Ogilvy plays a villainous doctor wanting to steal the puppets secret but of course has to battle with the lovely puppets, their saviour Gordon Currie and the Egypyian God, Suketh and Mr Totem from the third film. Many of the extras in this one (including the thugs that Ogilvy hires to steal the puppets) are actual animators and special effects people so its fun to see them acting alongside that which they normally create. Toulon barely features again and its truly a pity that the team at Full Moon couldn't produce a stronger story and one where Toulon could truly feature (Guy Rolfe was deceased before any demanding sequel was made). Not sure why this seemed better than volume four but it is less dull and the English/Canadian cast make good viewing. Top scenes include menacing Six-Shooter fires the fingers from Totems' claws and a dream sequence (usually so tedious) where Teresa Hill (the psychic from number four who is in a coma now) is orgasmic in a blood filled bath tub as Pinhead holds her head as Tunneler drills her skull - it's a job to explain why this scene is so great but see it and you'll probably agree. Special mention for Jester because he rocks and in a way his head rolls!..!

Reviewed by phoenixyk1 6 / 10

Perfect follow up...

Filmed back to back with Puppet Master 4, this film picks up just 24 hours after the last one and the Demon itself transports itself to our world to finish the puppet master.

Again, as with all the Puppet Master Movies, switch your brain off and just sit back and enjoy - Do not try and make sense of the plot as the Movies are quite disjointed and out of chronological order.

Its more of the same silly fun as last time. Effects are as excellent for the time as they have always been, especially for a low budget production.

That said, the film has also managed to pull in Major talent in the form of Ian Ogilvy - A very well respected actor who plays a perfect slime ball as always...

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 5 / 10

"Do you think those things are dangerous?"

The final chapter… ah where have I heard this before? "Sorry your reservation has just been cancelled!" Well we know that's definitely not the case, as Full Moon's killer doll franchise is still kicking on. Chapter 5 pretty much follows on from the fourth film (as they were virtually shot back-to-back by director Jeff Burr with the same cast and crew) and I found it a little more enjoyable than previous instalment. After recapping what had already occurred, again the new puppet master Rick Myers must face up against the ancient Egyptian God Sutek who wants to destroy any sort of evidence about its reanimated ancient magic that Toulon had stolen and also cope with an interfering scientist played with devious glee by Ian Ogilvy.

The outlandish story layout is simply as before, repeating what happened in the fourth chapter (even with a storm brewing) but the pacing is a lot better and energy much more spruce with the Gothic seaside hotel having a little more of an impression. The thing was that the sequences involving Sutek just didn't seem to work (with its unconvincing voice reciting ridiculous dialogues and the dramatic body movements). It looked good it detail, but I preferred when it wasn't focusing on that demon. Director Jeff Burr ably constructs some atmospheric set-pieces, creating more a nightmarish tone like a very odd, but jarring dream sequence that was just as darkly unpleasant as any of the scenes from the original. Quite uneven in mood, due to its unbalanced material of humour and horror, but at times the goofiness does take away from it. Like some of the attack / death set-ups follow a formula; run, fall on ground, begin crawling and wrestle than die a bloody death. Not much else to it.

The illuminating special effects are just as potent as before with it colourful optical work and masterful puppet creations. The creativity shows in the puppet work forming their own characteristics, from the animation and the effective movements of the puppets. All the iconic puppets return, also with the new creation Decapitron that's inhabitant by the spirit Andre Toulon when resurrected by electricity. Modest acting by returning leads Gordon Currie and Chandra West. Teresa Hill returns in a lesser part and Guy Rolfe. Ian Ogilvy is great and Clu Gulager makes a cameo appearance. There's good support by Nicholas Guest, Willard E. Pugh and Duane Whitaker.

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