Princess Caraboo


Comedy / Drama / History / Mystery / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 6 10 2529


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Phoebe Cates as Princess Caraboo / Mary Baker
Jim Broadbent as Mr. Worrall
Jacqueline Pearce as Lady Apthorpe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rogue-18 10 / 10

Delicate, funny, intriguing, beautiful -- this film is a treasure on many levels. See it!

"Princess Caraboo" is a rare breed of film these days -- aimed at adults, but highly respectful of the human soul and therefore safe for all ages. All viewers should find the historical angle fascinating, lovers of whimsical, offbeat humor will be delighted, "romantics" will be stirred by the powerful ending...and the ravishing color palette of the sets and costumes will enchant those who crave sheer visual beauty.

I personally thought the wonderful ending was handled very well -- it was particularly powerful for being beautifully understated, and did not "take away" from the effectiveness of the story. Because it had been foreshadowed (with great subtlety) throughout the movie, it did not arrive as a shock but rather as a fulfillment.

I must also put in a good word for the glorious music...another home run. See this film. As others have noted, it will stay with you long afterward.

Reviewed by Lady_Targaryen 9 / 10

Lovely and imaginative!

Princess Caraboo is one of those films for all ages and with a superb cast.During the King George III's court,beggars and all kinds types of vagrancy were punished with death or prison. Many problems and farces were frequent,making people very suspicious about humble people in general and even foreigners.One day, a beautiful and exotic girl is found walking down the road by two farmers. She is dressed as a beggar, but since she has oriental and noble aspect/manners, and only speaks in a strange language,people stay confuse about her Ancestry, taking her to a judge, where they make the conclusion that her name is Caraboo and she is a princess from an exotic country who was kidnapped by pirates. Being the focus of so many curiosity by the English court and also by the King himself,Caraboo is analyzed by a language professor and the maids who think she is a impostor. Would be a real impostor or a true princess? Got to found out watching this film. :)

Reviewed by drkjedi1-2 10 / 10


Wonderful piece and the best role Phoebe Cates has ever had. A sweet and sad tale based on true events, although how close this film is to the truth I do not know. But it is still one of my favorites, I even bought the DVD even though it wasn't in widescreen and had no extras, I just could resist owning this wonderful movie!

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