Pretending I'm a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story


Action / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 423

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Tony Hawk as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FKDZ 6 / 10

Decent little documentary

It's decent for what it is but the documentary lacked the deep dive into the actual games. It had a much greater focus on the influence of the game on the pro skaters that were involved in it, rather than the actual game/development.

It really does just focus on the succes. Not much else and it doesn't linger on any of the massive failures that came later and how it influenced the company/future. Like you don't hear about Neversoft becoming defunct and Robomodo taking over and how that process went.

The documentary also has a 20 minute section on the history of skating which I thought was a bit much. Especially this being a niche documentary about a very specific skateboarding game. I would expect the audience not to need a history lesson and it felt like wasted time.

So it lacks depth in the game development department which I was looking forward too. Therefore the lower rating.

If you want to hear some legendary skaters talk about how THPS elevated their lives then its great, otherwise not so much.

Reviewed by bobdotexe 9 / 10

The cultural impact of the Tony hawk Pro Skater franchise,

When I first heard about this crowd-funded independent documentary I was expecting it to be a min-documentary uploaded to youtube for free.

When I heard it was a near feature length film with a $10-$15 price tag, ($5 rental) I was pretty apprehensive, I mean much of this info's already online for free, right?

It was one of the later trailers that sold me on the film though, Seeing the production from the prescriptive of neversoft, Tony hawk and other pro's may make this worth the price.

I went 'All In', and bought the film, And I have to say I was very impressed!

It's not just the story of "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" the Video game even just the series as a whole. It really goes into how it changed skate culture forever!

The editing and directing are fantastic, and it far exceeded my expectations! --- I do have a few minor gripes though,

First, I feel the pacing could be a little better in some spots, There's about a 18mins at the beginning, before they talk about the first game's development. It sets up how skateboarding was back in the 70's 90's and early 90's, but I feel it could have been trimmed down a bit, or at least paced better.

Second, I wish they spent a little more time taking about the other entries in the series. Most of the time is spent on the first game, Significantly less on the second, and by the time they get to even Pro Skater 4, we only get a few seconds. Not even a mention on how systems like manuals and reverts effected design. Or even what led to the dramatic changes between Pro Skater 4, and the underground series. And while The motion control games are mentioned, there's Zero mention of Pro Skater 5, the HD collection for even the new 1+2 remake (remake was announced after this film began production)

And 3rd, it would have been cool to see more early development work or production prototypes, But I'd imagine after over 20 years, much of that may have been lost, or may be legally owned by Activision.

--- But Again, it seems like the goal of this documentary was just to hear about how the game series began, and it's influence on skateboarding.

Reading the reports online is one thing, but hearing it first hand from those involved is another thing.

The team behind this did a fantastic job!

If you even have a passing interest in the 'Pro Skater' Series, You NEED to watch this film!

Reviewed by StrayFeral 9 / 10

Fun to watch!

I just saw the movie in Google Play Movies (Youtube Movies). Gave it 9/10, because, while it is a good movie, I really want to see more of what Neversoft guys have to say about the story. In short - the movie is otherwise good. Not as good as Stacy Peralta's documentaries on skateboarding, but still good. I enjoyed seeing it. I am one of these people, which this video game inspired to get into skateboarding, even late as now I am 44 years old. and I know I am not the only one. In the past I started with THPS2 and since then, every new game for me and my brother was like a holiday - we played for countless hours. So for sure, there was a need for this movie to be made and I am glad it is a reality now. Good thing about the movie is, that there are interviews not just with the skaters and few Neversoft guys, but also some of the musicians from the soundtrack and some of the influenced kids.

Basically, the movie represents more of Tony Hawk's point of view on the story and it is a good one. We see of course interviews also with the other core game skaters, such as Rodney Mullen, Steve Cabalero and more. I was looking to see Elissa Steamer, but she was not featured in the movie. Still, the presented material was interesting. There were stories, Tony tells what other options he had, the development around the game, which is the X-Games competition and the legendary 900 and many other things. Just as in the game, the movie features cool soundtrack.

Fun fact: Rodney Mullen wears a Debian linux logo t-shirt. I am curious why - is he a linux guy too? Won't be surprised, but need to ask. Asked him on his Facebook and Instagram, so let's see what he will reply.

The movie duration is like 1:11hrs and the rental price on Google was like 4$, so it was affordable and fun to watch.

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