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2018 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2199


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mackjay2 8 / 10

Sharply observed look at First Year Med School

Two young students accidentally become friends at the start of medical school. They study together, have ups and downs, and we get a look at the severe trial of a medical education in France. Unlike a typical Hollywood film on this subject, there is no time wasted on romance-- or anything else outside the guys' attempt to pass their rigorous exams. But it's never dry or dull---there's humor and pathos, all excellently acted and directed.

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 7 / 10


That's a purely medical student study movie, made by a former doctor, who lnows what he's talking about. the tale of a friendship between two students with its ups and downs. A very good character study, which also shows what medical students life is actually is. Also a beautiful friendship story pulled by a solid ending. An ending about sacrifice.

Reviewed by catelarnaud 8 / 10

A real good surprise

This movie depicts really well the first year's medical school in Paris through the friendship of two young students. They have their little stories, their ups & downs and appear totally focused on their final exams. Unlike most films, there is no unrealistic drama, romance or events and we can literally dive into a very competitive environment from the beginning to the end of the first year. Moreover, it is well directed by a real doctor and very nicely played by young actors

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