Praia do Futuro


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 2870

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Wagner Moura as Donato
Emily Cox as Nanna
Clemens Schick as Konrad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by IrishFrog 6 / 10

Beautiful, yet dull

The thing that struck me the most about this movie is how beautiful it is, and I mean literally, aesthetically. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but also its camera work is outstanding: Praia do Futuro's shots are absolutely amazing, most scenes could be made into pictures to be hung on the walls of an art gallery - there could probably be a whole exposition just made with screenshots of this movie.

The film's appeal, however, doesn't go much beyond that. Its plot had potential, the trailer made it seem like it would be intense and deeply emotional, yet the whole story is quite dull, with some unclear or poorly explained parts and underdeveloped dialogue. The characters don't lack depth per se, but their personalities were rather shallowly explored, perhaps hindered by the lack of vocal expression or by the stumbling plot.

Contrarily to what a review I read (in another website) suggested, I did not feel like this movie was too cliché-ridden, and the unoriginal moves were fairly understandable, as they could be justified by either the situation in which they were inserted or the characters' psyche. Yet, I feel the innovative elements were obscured by the overall dephtlessness of the whole production and great ideas and quotes were lost in senselessness and barely-existent dialogue.

This is definitely not a bad movie, it was just not enough to touch or affect me in any way.

Reviewed by markaaron-97974 9 / 10

In "Praia do Futuro" every picture tells a story.

An award-winning screenwriter once told me the secret to his success. It's knowing and never forgetting the essence of film (and this holds true for directors, actors, cinematographers, make-up artists, and production designers as well).

Simply put, "A movie is a story that's told with pictures. Pictures that move." Every line, every shot, every scene, every setting, every prop, should be informed by this.

Few films exemplify this as well as Karim Aïnouz' "Praia do Futuro." Ainouz has said, "For me film is time, space, and sound distilled in a moving image."

It's also, you can see clearly from this film, about bodies moving in time and space and within architecture.

(There's one memorable scene of muscular lifeguards training on the beach and then running into the sea that's right out of poet Walt Whitman's "I Sing the Body Electric.")

Every shot, every scene in this spare, visual style of storytelling is a work of art, which shouldn't be surprising as Ainouz came to film making in a roundabout way, leaving Fortaleza, Brazil (where the opening of "Praia do Futuro" is set) to study architecture in Brazil's futuristic capital, Brasilia. He then studied fine art in New York, took up painting and photography, only to finally study film in graduate school at NYU. He sees himself primarily as a visual artist.

This is a film about fear and courage, about risking it all. It's also about displacement and freedom. But, unlike Hollywood films, it never spells anything out. These ideas are dealt with elliptically and obliquely and usually through movement and visuals rather than through dialogue. The protagonists move through water and dance and speed-race motorcycles through breathtaking scenery and they make passionate, sensual love.

If you like things spelled out for you and wrapped up with a bow this is not the film for you. Much of what happens, happens off-screen. Characters don't talk about their feelings or reveal much through dialogue and the ending is cryptic. But pay attention: It's the visuals and motion and actions that reveal everything.

And about that ending--there is some actual "telling" rather than showing in the end (don't worry, it's not a spoiler) and it's so emblematic of the film I'll cite it here. As we see two motorcycles disappear into the gray mist on a twisting, turning German autobahn, Donato, in a voice-over, addresses his brother, the one he'd abandoned eight years earlier when he left Brazil for Germany.

"There are two types of fear and courage, Speed. I act as if there is no danger. But you know that everything is dangerous in this endless sea."

"Praia do Futuro" invites you to take a swim, take a risk, try your luck. It doesn't promise a happy ending, but it doesn't preclude one, either.

Reviewed by paulcreeden 9 / 10

Very enjoyable and real.

I was greatly pleased by this film on several levels. The first and most important is the level of production, writing, direction and acting. The film is coherently written, well produced and well directed. The acting is well done with appreciable character development over its three acts. This makes it outstanding as a gay-themed film.

The second level of my enjoyment of the film was its realistic style. Real men, albeit very sexy, with real lives having real sexual and emotional contact. The low-keyed dialogue and commonplace action blend well to create a sense of being present in those real lives. This is enhanced by the episodic nature of the story line. Less linear and more vignette.

Finally, the frankness of the lives of these men who love in a surrounding world of heterosexual conformity makes its own political statement without having to. It is of the same excellent caliber as the French film "Stranger by the Lake". With films like this, I feel gay-content cinema has evolved far beyond camp and soft porn.

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