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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lunkentuss-49303 1 / 10

Horrible script with mediocre acting

This was so bad I couldn´t finish it. The actresses are so bad at acting it feels like a bad comedy from minute one. The high rated reviews is obviously from friend/family and is pure BS.

Reviewed by cmscott-57196 1 / 10

LMAO! Reviews from friends always make me laugh!

This movie is absolutely terrible. The directing, acting, script and production are all bad. There is actually NOTHING redeemable about it. In fact if MY friend was in this movie, instead of giving it a perfect score, I'd stop being friends with them. That's how bad it is. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS MOVIE.

Reviewed by workoutsmurf 1 / 10


ROFL OMG ok the ONLY other review is from a friend, and of course FALSLY given a 10/10. FIRST OF ALL the writing is beyond horrific, a man who doesn't want anything to do with his "girlfriend" anymore of course is now garbage, and subject to any punishment these two idiots think of. They can do any type of crime to him, but it doesn't matter because he's male and they are girls!! SOMEHOW it's all justified and ok. COMPLETE CRAP!! This film is nothing but misandry personified, and the idiot that wrote this also stars in it, imagine my surprise? WRITING/DIRECTION and CINEMATOGRAPHY was less than zero, it's all just a hot dumpster fire of female anger and revenge. DO NOT waste your time with this crap, at least the other "reviewer" admitted to being a friend and stacking it with a 10. To quote the friend, "congradulations Kyleigh you earned everything coming to you......" yeah, like an application form for some mall foodcourt. Do EVERYONE a favour and stay OUT of the film business, or at least the next "movie" you write try not to make it a male hate piece.

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