Pootie Tang


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 13581


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Kristen Bell as Record Executive's Daughter
Jennifer Coolidge as Ireenie
Chris Rock as JB / Radio DJ / Pootie's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jemiah 8 / 10

my dilly

It's criminal, how underrated this movie is. It's inspired on so many levels, and the encyclopedic knowledge of action films, hip-hop videos, 70s blaxploitation and chop-socky movies is breathtaking. I always think of it in the same class as THE JERK and ZOOLANDER, with a healthy respect for flat-out absurdity and non-stop gags. The filming style is rough, and the actors generally have no polish (an undoubtedly deliberate choice), which makes the sudden flashes of precision so devastatingly funny. Wanda Sykes, in particular, is absolute gold as party girl Biggie Shorty, but the film's full of co-stars - Andy Richter, Dave Attell, Jennifer Coolidge, J.D. Williams, Missy Elliott, and Robert Vaughan - who get their turn on the silliness carousel. I can imagine someone who isn't a fan, or at least an observer, of the above things would hate this movie like poison, but for me, who has seen more Jay-Z videos than I ever wanted to see and who can't help laughing when I see a man use kung-fu to bounce bullets off his hair (a gag too complicated to explain, but seamless on screen), POOTIE TANG is fantastic.

I'd recommend it more, but it's just too hard to describe!

Reviewed by EvilTommy 7 / 10

Great camp!

This movie is so unique, it may be as difficult for some to understand as it is to figure out Pootie's language. I was captivated from the first scene right up to the end. Kudos to Lance Crouther for his truly inspired performance as the hero. His physical comedy while combatting his foes or even just interacting with everyone else was brilliant and quirky. You really find yourself focusing on him in every scene, just to see what he was going to do next. There is also the ensemble of actors that inhabit Pootie's world, all of whom did a great job. I often read critics making comparisons between the modern charactor actors and how they pale before those of the distant past - razzz - wrong! These people hammed it up with style and flair. "I'm Dirty Dee, dammit!"

Sah da tay, my brothers.

Reviewed by loislanemiami 10 / 10

Pootie Tang is the Sh*T

For those of you that don't get it, leave it alone. This is about fantasy, fun and escapism. Its meant to take you away from reality and make you laugh and it does just that. The acting was not meant to win awards or come close. It is supposed to be fun.

I love it! Don't hate cause you don't have it going on like Pootie Tang (LOL). All these men wish they could whip another man's butt with their belts and have all the women slobbering all over them without even having to speak!

Biggie Shortie is doing it! I think it was very creative. Its easy to do something that everyone else is trying to do. This and Half-Baked are classics

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