Paranormal Demons


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 307

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by glopaulfacebook 3 / 10

Needless camera effecr ruins much of movie

This project could have been tolerable if not for the needless and over-used "camera flicker" effect throughout the movie. That effect was so distracting that it ruined what could have been at least tolerable action scenes. While this was clearly a low-budget project, it did at least show the "students" trying to actually FIGHT the evil monster/killer. That was refreshing. Without the unnecessary camera flicker, this movie could have been at least a 5, which is respectable. All the cliches are there, but if you watch a movie like this you expect that.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

Not so demonic horror

Have never been a fan of found footage-like films, find the excessively shaky camera work that often comes with it often overused and cheaply and lazily used. Do appreciate horror however, do not have anything personal against low budget films or films dealing with the paranormal. The concept was a decent one, so there was definitely no prejudicial bias before watching 'Paranormal Demons'. Was apprehensive about it but wanted it to work at the same time.

'Paranormal Demons' unfortunately didn't work for me in any shape or form. The concept is not a new one, although decent, and 'Paranormal Demons' does nothing new or interesting with it. The tagline here compares it to the 'Paranormal Activity' and 'Friday the 13th' films, saying it's a mix of them. Don't see it and find the comparisons on the insulting side, am not a fan of the 'Paranormal Activity' franchise, which got worse with each film, but did notice a little value in all of them which can't be seen here, while enough of the 'Friday the 13th' films are much better made, more entertaining and have much more genuine dread than this ever did in the entire duration.

Like has been said before, also appreciated the effort of seeing the students fighting off the villain, but other than that there is nothing going for it.

In 'Paranormal Demons', there are no creepy visuals or no eerie or atmospheric lighting, just repetitive and gimmicky camera work, with an overused to excessiveness flickering effect that annoys and exhausts, and editing that is an insult to the word amateurish. They made the film look like a student film project that failed big time. The sound effects are some of the most annoying for any film in a long time.

'Paranormal Demons' biggest problems are the pacing and story. The pacing never comes to life and it doesn't even pick up momentum in the latter parts of the film. There is nothing scary here, no intensity, no ominous atmosphere, no broodiness or sense of dread. It's just a snail's pace slog rife with implausibility, stupid decision making, predictable and overly calculated "scares" and intelligence insulting ridiculousness, and does nothing new with an initially interesting but now gotten well stale premise.

A lot of the film feels like padded out filler with the non-horror moments containing cringe-worthy dialogue and characters that have no development and either have bland personalities or made to act dumb. Direction is flat, the villain has no real menace and the inexperience badly shows in all of the acting with no exceptions.

Summarising, very poorly done. 2/10

Reviewed by wylie763 1 / 10

Paranormal acting

Terrible acting is just the focus here. Its all I could think about while watching. Also the sound effects are just annoying.

Plot is the same as every other of this type of movie and offers nothing significant to get away from that

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