Painkiller Jane


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 1024


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Tate Donovan as Dr. Graham Knight / Lucas Insley
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Capt. Jane Elizabeth Browning
Eric Dane as Nick
Richard Harmon as Squeak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sjberke 7 / 10

Not very original, but pretty good

Nothing really imaginative, creative, or original about this movie, but well made and a very earnest effort to make you think as well as entertain you. Definitely avoided going for cheap scares or titillation. The earnestness of this effort is shown as much by what was not there as much as what was--there were no romantic/sexual scenes at all. Had this movie been the hackwork that 'ambrazos' would have you believe, we would have seen Jane tumble into bed with either Nick the thief or 'Dr. Knight' (maybe both). We didn't and that impressed me some.

While the cast generally did well enough (and it certainly was good to see Roundtree again), I was really impressed by Vaugier. A very impressive presence, without being sexual or showing much skin. As an action heroine, I think she stands comparison with Jennifer Garner, maybe even Angelina Jolie All in all, a movie worth recording and watching (mostly because of Vaugier).

Reviewed by gray1937-1 6 / 10

Excellent for Sci Fi Channel; about a 6 overall.

Reasonable plot, sufficient suspense and misdirection. The premise is believable in a science fiction way. There are no fake monsters. There are no incredibly stupid moves by the heroine ineptly designed to create artificial tension, an amateurish plot technique that seems to be rampant even in network (e.g., "24") programs. Good role for great old Richard (Shaft) Roundtree. No really awful acting. Attractive heroine. There were no parts that were so slow or boring that I skipped ahead, and I would watch this again in a year or so. It is head and shoulders above most Sci Fi Channel fare. Clearly, I was pretty impressed.

No, it's not Emmy caliber, but it is so much better than expected, I really can't understand what "ambrazos" is whining about in his review.

Reviewed by VickyC 5 / 10

Predictable but enjoyable scifi flick

Movie contains no real surprises but held my interest for the duration. Plot as described in other posts. "Dark Angel" comparisons are obvious even though the comic book that this movie is based on pre-dated that show. Characters are attractive and likable but needed more development and background.


Some special effects like when she heals herself from a high powered rifle shot and the bullet spontaneously ejects from her abdomen are pretty cool. Bad and good guys are obvious and I agree with a previous poster that the "twist ending" is not a twist anymore. Romance is hinted at but plays no part in the film if that is what you are looking for and like in a movie. Tate Donovan plays against type as scientist involved in the plot.

****end spoiler****

As stated previously, it is an obvious setup for a series or sequel (depending on ratings is my guess). I have never read the comic book that this is based on but I will look for it now after seeing the movie

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