Pahan henki

2006 [CHINESE]

Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 3071

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chiou 8 / 10

Much more than a ghost movie

This is a movie with much creativity. It's not just about ghost, but also sci-fi and many other factors. Don't expect it to be a typical ghost movie. It's much better than ghost movies which just try to terrify people.

Many people will enjoy all the complexity in this movie, while some may feel it's too complicated as a movie. Especially, people who have engineering background will like this movie a lot.

The special effect is not as magnificent as the best Hollywood sci-fi movies, but it's good enough for a ghost related movie.

The actors are good as well, while they are mostly Asian.

I believe the comment for this movie will be polarized depending on the expectation & background of the watcher.

Reviewed by kalilajoyce 10 / 10

Fantastic movie!

Wow..., what a beautiful and sophisticated supernatural movie about life and death. Acting is superb, plot very interesting, music amazing. Very atmospheric, scary but also touching story about the ghost of a little boy who has a special bond with his mother, where love and hatred are synonyms of life and death. The direction is a real ART - innovative and unpredictable. Only one silly car crash scene (unnecessary and fake) but who cares!

Definitely one of the best supernatural movies in a long long time. Can't wait to watch it again!

Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reviewed by RobinCook70 10 / 10

Very Imaginative and Creative

I rented this on DVD today and was pleasantly surprised. The DVD has an alternative ending for the movie, which I am glad had not been used. The ending that was chosen was the better choice.

I was immediately drawn into this movie with it's intriguing story. How each character approached the mystery of the captured ghost and their own agenda's made for more intrigue to see how each came together to finalize the story. On another plus for this movie was the lack of gore ... there was "some," but not of the type to ruin such a good movie. Of course, one scene was a bit bloody, but it was a necessary scene for emphasis. The two lead roles had seriously realistic depth regarding love, hate, compassion, suffering and death. Due to the creativeness and imagination that went into developing the characters, I lost myself into the film forgetting they were acting.

All aspects were done very well ... good timing, special affects, lighting (was a little too dark at the first of the movie), music score, cast ... everything was superbly done. Also, it was nice that the movie had a good ending and wasn't one of those that leave you hanging with "gee, there'll be a sequel." The one thing that did not come out well for me on my regular television was the strands of silk. If I had not watched the Special Affects on the DVD to know there was supposed to be silk threads emanating out of a bowl of noodles I would not have known (and didn't know when I watched the film) that silk threads were present. Then again, I watched this movie this afternoon, when the television gets more daylight obliterating fine details such as this, so I recommend watching this in a darkened room to fully appreciate it and maybe the first part of the film won't seem so dark. I recommend this movie and if more than a 10 rating could be given I would do so. It's one of the best "horror-thrillers" (go light on the horror) I've seen in a very long time with a story that's not been done before.

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