2021 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 21349


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Mathieu Amalric as M.I.L.O
Malik Zidi as Léo Ferguson
Mélanie Laurent as Elizabeth 'Liz' Hansen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ramisaakter 7 / 10

A really good suspenseful science fiction

Oh! This is Awesome. It kept me hooked whole time. Though it gives me the ''Buried'' vibe at first, it is totally different. It is something unique. A science fiction movie within a box yet this builds suspense enough to keep an eye on. And the actress did a amazing job, of course,this movie mostly depends on her convincing acting skills.

Reviewed by bob-the-movie-man 7 / 10

A taut mystery horror/thriller that goes off in surprising directions!

In "Oxygen" Liz Hansen (Mélanie Laurent) wakes up in a sealed chamber with no memory of why she is there or how she got there. Her only "companion" is 'Milo': the Alexa-like operating system for the chamber. Milo helpfully advises her that her oxygen supply is already down below 40%, and falling. Can she piece together her swiss-cheese brain to find a way out of her predicament?


  • No spoilers here, but this is a 'small' mystery movie that goes off in a VERY surprising direction. The script is genuinely unpredictable.

  • Mélanie Laurent gives a strong performance as the heroine near the end of her tether.

  • Although this is a French film, don't let that put you off. Netflix gives options of the original French, French with subtitles and an English dub. And the English dubbing is so good that it took me until some sub-titles for text written in French before I realised it was dubbed!

  • After the long drip-drip-drip of context, I found the ending to be something of a disappointment. Too twee.

  • I found something morally dubious about the 're-routing' request near the end of the movie. (Although, I'm sure given the options, I would probably do the same!)
  • If you don't like jump scares, you are likely to spill a lot of hot drinks while watching this one!

Warnings: I occasionally stick into my reviews 'viewer advisories'. You won't need me to comment that this one will be a no-no for anyone suffering from claustrophobia. But I will add to that, since it's not obvious, that this is a movie that is also not suitable for musophobics: those with a fear of mice. Also, IMDB describes this one as "Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi". Not Horror. But be warned that there are some genuinely effective jump scares in this one!

Summary Thoughts on "Oxygen": You can recognize a 'lockdown-produced movie' a mile off. Typically it focuses on a handful of players, who are mostly socially isolated. Here is a classic example. Yet by doing that, the director is forced to focus in on character and dialogue. As such, some of these 'small' movies that rein in the director's excesses are far better as a result.

"Oxygen" is a case in point. When I saw that the film was directed by Alexandre Aja - the man behind the OTT "Piranha 3D" and the equally OTT popcorn-croc movie "Crawl" from 2 years ago, I feared the worst. But this an intriguing little movie that mystifies and jolts in equal measure. There is probably no such thing anymore as a truly novel thriller or science fiction film. And this draws recognisably from a host of other movies: I personally recognised elements from "Room", "Solaris", "Moon" and "Gravity" in there. But the closest similarity is definitely to the Ryan Reynolds 2010 thriller "Buried" which features a very similar initial set-up. If "Oxygen" were to have pulled out an ending like that film (if you haven't watched it yet - do so!) that it would have been a mini-classic.

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Reviewed by gen86 3 / 10


It took her absolutely the last second to realize she can transfer the oxygen from the other pods to hers?

The AI (MILO) couldn't suggest oxygen transfer by knowing the situation and all variables ? The AI knows she will die due to oxygen deprivation , knows other pods have oxygen and their occupants are dead, it knows everything and can't suggest to her this option ? Bruh, gtfo, is this software written by Microsoft or what?


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