Over the Edge


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 6065

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Matt Dillon as Richie
Lane Smith as Sloan
Ellen Geer as Sandra Willat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by haildevilman 10 / 10


This was a teen movie that wasn't a 'teen' movie.

The best thing about this was how it showed that the parents imagined need to raise their kids in a sanitized environment can lead to mind-numbing boredom. Then to petty crime. Then to worse. But at the same time, the kids weren't made out to be these confused little angels either. You sympathized with them while knowing they needed to take responsibility.

Matt Dillion's debut is also his best film.

Most of the young actors were inexperienced. Some of them haven't been seen since. But they all still did a HELL of a job. Why isn't Michael Kramer better known? He was brilliant.

The one complaint I can come up with was some of the parents emotional overacting. Great film though.

Reviewed by keycompany2001 9 / 10

As a suburban kid in 1979 I know this film nailed that experience

Despite the melodramatic ending this film is very realistic and thoughtful. This is Matt Dillon's first movie and he is very natural and believable. Because the film was shot on location it had a fantastic look and feel. If you want to know what it felt like being a young teenager in 1979 or even now, then rent this film.

Reviewed by plotrow 10 / 10

The way the 70's REALLY were!

The kids are not all right in New Granada!

This film very accurately portrays what life was really like for many teenagers who lived in the suburbs during the 1970s.

Growing up, my own life was very much like those of the teens in this movie: I was a teenager in the mid-70s and I lived in exactly the same sort of constantly under-development, suburban wasteland where whole mobs of kids were pretty much left to their own devices by parents who were too busy chasing the American Dream to notice what we were really up to; a place where there was easy access to lots and lots of cheap drugs and alcohol, and where boredom reigned supreme (remember, these were the days before the Internet, VCRs, or even home video games).

If you were ever rebellious and grew up during the same time period and in the same sort of suburban community, then I guarantee that virtually every character in this movie will remind you of someone you knew back then (maybe even yourself!).

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