Operazione San Gennaro

1966 [ITALIAN]

Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 7 10 1270


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Senta Berger as Maggie
Claudine Auger as Concettina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alserrano 8 / 10

The Great Saint Robbery

One of the funniest films I've seen, it's, at its essence, the classic story of a perfect robbery plan gone wrong in the Italian way, a bit like "I Soliti ignoti" ("Rufufú" for the Spaniards). Indeed it's an impressive meeting of Italian artists: Dino Risi was known for his optimistic realistic films, and the cast includes the great comedian Totó. And it delivers even better than it appears.

A pair of Americans want to do the greatest robbery: the treasure of San Genaro, in Napoli. But, Christ, these are the jewels of a saint, and they must convince religious and a bit superstitious "professionals" to do the job. The fun are spread everywhere: the characters and their acts are the classic Risi people, but there are very good slapstick gags, action parts, and an absurd but somewhat restrained sense of humor that carries the film pretty well. Believe me: with some parts in the theft I bursted out laughing as very few times I've had (some Hawks, some Wilder, some Sturges), and I can recall lively many twists and still laugh at them.

If you come across this movie, please don't miss it. One overlooked one to discover.

Reviewed by RodrigAndrisan 8 / 10

Manfredi is great!

Still good 51 years after. We got Toto, Nino Manfredi, Mario Adorf, 3 great great comic actors. Plus Senta Berger, young and sexy, Claudine Auger, also young and very sexy (her best role from all), Harry Guardino. Toto, which was one of greatest comic actors ever, has just a small part. Manfredi and Adorf, other two huge comics, not only of the Italian cinema but also international (mostly Adorf who is still alive), they have more consistent roles.

Reviewed by bensonmum2 7 / 10

"You don't love me anymore. If you did, you'd give me a slap in the face."

A group of American thieves arrives in Napoli with intentions of stealing the famed treasure of San Gennaro. Once they get the blessing of the local boss, Don Vincenzo (Toto), they approach local talent for assistance with the job - starting with a thief named Dudu (Nino Manfredi). Planning hits a snag, however, when Dudu learns of the intended target. He cannot possibly steal from the Cathedral of San Gennaro. In the end, Dudu relents, but that's only the beginning of the problems for the group. Can they overcome the many obstacles in their way and who will try to cheat who out of the treasure?

Overall, The Treasure of San Gennaro is a very enjoyable comedy/heist film that could have been even better. To begin, a lot of the comedy actually works. The scenes at the unexpected wedding, scenes with Don Vincenzo, and the explosive rat are just a few of the moments that were funny to me. The actual plan to steal the treasure is of course overly complicated and fraught with possible things that could go wrong. You just know it's all going to fall apart. I love these kinds of intricate plans. The final scene is also quite good and appropriate as the treasure comes full circle and ends where it should. Finally, the cast was enjoyable - particularly Toto, Manfredi, Mario Adorf, and Senta Berger. It's a nice cast.

Even though I've rated The Treasure of San Gennaro a 7/10, it's not without a couple of big faults. Chief among them is what I thought was an overly long script. A few judicious edits could have made this movie so much better. I would have preferred a 90 minute runtime to the 104 minute runtime.

Finally, as much as I enjoyed this movie, it's not the best Italian comedy/heist film I've seen. If you're into this kind of movie, be sure to check out Big Deal on Madonna Street. It's one remarkable movie!

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