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Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 2 / 10

If Al Qaeda Was a Filmmaker, This Would be His Bomb

This is a film that gets progressively worse and far fetched as the running times goes on.

It's not so much that the acting is bad as it is that the basic storyline sucks.

I stuck with this film because one reviewer said there was a twist ending.

Yep, it has one. Not a very good one, but one nonetheless.

The girl is hot, however.

Reviewed by spookyspice 6 / 10

Keep watching for the last act

An indie psychological thriller film that ends unexpectedly where you think it will, the plot twisting into something else entirely in the last act.

While I feel the run time could have been shorter, when the film finally kicks into gear it's a wonderful blend of visuals and sound design. The sound design being spectacular, the scoring of this film is quite well done and takes the spotlight in this production, for me.

The visuals of our main character losing grip on reality (or simply remembering repressed events) are what wakes this sleepy movie up.

Happy to have viewed it overall.

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Reviewed by theadhdgod 8 / 10

actually a really a good film

I did not expect this film to be good, but it was, it caught me by surprise and the big twist i loved, not many people are in this film, pretty sure theres just a handful, never seen them in any other films before but they did a great job, its confusing, also a little slow but i like these type of films, its hard to classify this as an actual horror, it has some elements, more of a psychological scifi horror thriller lol its a bit of it all with drama too, you may have to classify the genre yourself, i never expected it to be what it was, it feels a lil like dark water but its nothing like it, I'm trying really hard not to give anything away lol its well acted, good stpry, pretty much a mind [email protected], just a tad slow but like i said i dont mind that, with all this pandemic nonsense happening and big budget films flopping hard cus everybody now thinks they are a critic which is really annoying becasue that misleads you into not wanting to watch the film, nowadays ignore the reviews and make your own mind up AND STOP BEING A CRITIC lol enjoy the film its really good 8/10.

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