One of Our Spies Is Missing


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Mystery

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David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin
Vera Miles as Madame Raine De Sala
Yvonne Craig as Wanda
Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesraeburn2003 10 / 10

"One of the best Man From UNCLE movies."

ONE OF OUR SPIES IS MISSING was the fourth big-screen spin-off from the cult spy series THE MAN FROM UNCLE. It was compiled from a two-part episode called THE BRIDGE OF LYONS AFFAIR. Part one was aired on 4 February 1966 and part two on 11 February 1966, and in common with most of the other films in the series, it was not televised in the countries where the film was released under the new title. Considerable changes were made from the TV version including the removal of the scene where THRUSH agent Jordin (Bernard Fox) receives his briefing from his superiors at Thrush's Hong Kong headquarters. There was also scenes added into the film that were not considered suitable for television including Robert Vaughn's scenes with Yvonne Craig.

Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuriyakin (David McCallam) are assigned by UNCLE chief Alexander Waverley (Leo G Carroll) to prevent a youth rejuvenation formula from falling into the hands of THRUSH who intend to use it for their own evil ends.

ONE OF OUR SPIES IS MISSING is one of the best of the UNCLE pictures with plenty of slick tongue-in-cheek action, which made the original series so memorable and it boasts one of the show's most memorable villains in Bernard Fox's suave THRUSH agent Jordin. The series regulars, Vaughn, McCallam and Waverley are uniformly excellent, Gerald Fried's music is superb and the show's sets always looked impressive in Fred J Koenekampe's Metrocolor camera-work.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

Pussy galore

I vaguely remember The Man from Uncle TV series repeats as a kid but only got reacquainted with the show when the spliced together movies were regularly shown in the 1980s when its campy nature was more apparent.

In this film, no spy seems to be missing unless you count Kuryakin wandering around the Soho area of London looking for pussy. I mean the four legged kind even though the producers would had been well aware that Soho was a notorious red light district!

The plot involves reversing the ageing process and cats have been used for the experiments hence why Kuryakin is looking for missing cats in a studio bound London setting.

Napoleon Solo gets to chase ladies as well as making sure THRUSH does not get the youth rejuvenating formula with a plot of a senior diplomat being at risk of being kidnapped, de-aged and put under the control of THRUSH.

It is all very silly, all shot in California with the tunes of Rule Brittania every time the setting moves to England.

Bernard Fox is the standout as the THRUSH villain Jordin who brings the right balance of menace and humour.

Reviewed by ianbrown65 3 / 10

Fairly dismal big-screen stray from small-screen Channel D

More spliced-together-TV capers for Men from UNCLE Robert Vaughn and David McCallum, here chasing after rejuvenation formula in a phony MGM backlot 'England' (E. Darren Hallenback's direction could have done with a shot of it).

It's almost certainly the dreariest of the eight films made from double episodes of the small-screen series, and yet was a rather undeserved box-office hit in the wake of the programme's global popularity.

Vera Miles, Maurice Evans and James Doohan go through the motions alongside our heroes.

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