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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LBarlane24 5 / 10

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Now & Later is an independent film written and directed by nobody I'm familiar with and stars two complete unknowns.

The good:

Shari Solanis as Angela, an illegal immigrant. All I really have to say is that this actress is absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out. It is quite unbelievable how charismatic she was in this. And not only that, she has one of the most breathtaking figures that I've ever seen from an actress on screen.

The bad:

Keller Wortham (credited as James Wortham) as Bill, a banker who is apparently on the run from the police. I will say that this guy could have been (more) interesting, if the actor playing him wasn't so deadpan. While watching this, I was fully convinced that this dude took acting lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800; hell, even he showed more emotions in those films. As the film went on, I kept waiting for the cops to finally walk up to and arrested; that would've been hilarious. Sadly though, that never did happen; or maybe that's what the viewer is lead to believe.

My verdict:

While not a good flick, I would really call this a bad one either. The true saving grace is the lead actress, as mentioned earlier. Lastly, there are few/many explicit sex scenes (between the two leads) which is enough for me to recommend.

Reviewed by smithee2000 9 / 10

Finally -- gratification for the libido and the mind!

I saw this movie at a film festival in L.A. in a packed theater and I can definitely say that it captured everyone's attention. What really struck me was that once the movie had ended and everyone had exited the theater, it seemed like it took people a few minutes to face each other out in the light realizing that they had just spent the last hour and a half in a dark room with a lot of strangers watching a lot of sex on the big screen and then . . . this frenzy just broke out and we were all talking about how hot the movie was and discussing (and a lot of people downright arguing) whether or not this has crossed the line with regard to what should be allowed on a movie screen. It was pretty fun to watch people get so charged up. It's not like this is the first time a film has pushed boundaries sexually (I'm thinking "9 Songs") but I'd say this one takes it to a new level. Instead of sex inter-cut with concert footage, though, this movie balances sex with cerebral dialog so it actually appeals to both the libido and the mind (that's not a combination I see very often). Great date movie for sure! Especially if you're dating somebody with a brain (although frankly, even if you're not, I think they'll be . . . how should I put it . . . "inspired" by this one). All in all, this is a passionate movie about life and the state of the world in which we live. Pretty timely, actually. It's worth seeing with a date and then going to dinner afterward for some heated discussion – guaranteed! Or . . . just skipping dinner altogether. Check it out if you can.

Reviewed by chris-chasely 10 / 10

Powerful movie

This movie is an amazing movie, depicting intense varied emotions. It encapsulates liberation and freedom along with spirituality which is so much the essence of humanity. I found the sex to be so much a natural part, yet which is so often regarded as 'unnatural'to show in our society. The movie really teaches one to get in touch with his own spirituality instead of the dogma we have created for ourselves. A really powerful and enchanting movie, added by the superb acting by Shari Solanis - an actor with unparell emotional appeal. All in all, a must watch movie with kudos to the director and producer and the rest of the cast as well. Definitely 10 points - more if possible.

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