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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mbrcf 8 / 10

a beautiful work of art

There are some scenes in this world that are just sitting still, awaiting for a person with a camera at hand to arrive and film, and the war-stricken fields and streets of Syria, Lebanon and Iraq undeniably fall into that category. Fortunately Gianfranco Rosi resolved to be that person with his skillfully placed cameram just letting those streets and fields tell the tale.

The film consists of several parallel sotries of people, remnants, survivors and soldiers moving simultaneously along. We are shown a boy maybe of 10 years try to survive by working dawn to dusk for mere five dollars, a group of women-soldiers guarding the borders who might just be some college student party-goers if they had more share of luck when born, a mental health ward of a hospital with a doctor and a crew of mentally-shaken patients and a group of kids with fallen parents living a life not identical to ours.

But the film- or the scenes- doesn't show these people as victims to be pitied or sympathized, but as alive and sentient humans trying their best to maintain thier poise and outplay thier unfortunate circumstances and that is the most moving part of this film.

the other very bold and stroking aspect of Rosi's work is how gorgeous and stunning it looks. The landscape shots are plenty and here and there are vistas so catchy that reminds us of this region's old glories. I had the chance to watch this work on silver screen and I think it it best served that way.

Reviewed by ligia-g 7 / 10

Moving images

I was especially impressed by the children's drawings and by the play set up in the psychiatric ward, both as form of psychotherapy in those war-torn places.

Reviewed by severajaaho 8 / 10

Immersive reconciliation of war

Though the fim begins with an introductory text on the modern history of the Middle-East, it focuses on specific scenes and people at the seeming end to the current phase of the conflicts. Some scenes depict the mundane day to day existence of the wars, while in others people are trying to reconcile what they have experienced through art. There is also an element of the environment in how the wars effect nature itself. Though sad in essence, the visuals of the film are stunning and immersive.

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