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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrewlaurence-45518 3 / 10

Missed opportunities and illogical

Let me start by saying I LOVE time travel movies. I have probably watched them all at least 3 times. The main things I demand in your basic time travel movie are;

  • some kind of logic - eg. if you do this in the past, it does this in the future
  • logical characters that make normal decisions. Not always sensible but at least understandable

Well I am afraid that this movie fails in BOTH these areas.

  • let's start with the logic. What was the beginning all about? Other than the apple, this seems like a lot of time and money spent for nothing. Then the flashbacks (or flashforwards) - how did going out in the rain affect the future? I don't see the link. How did just opening the front door and making a woman think you are a complete wierdo change the future?

  • next the decisions made by the characters. Wow, where do I start?


why did he shut down the AI but then keep it in a box and try to build the machine alone? why did he hate being in the past so much that he was going to kill himself but then get so emotional when he did get the chance to leave? how did he go from spending 4 years failing to build the machine to being able to build it in just 10 days? Was it the AI cos that makes my first point even more relevant. why did leaving the tap on make the house vibrate and why did this make him change his mind about killing himself and then to turn the AI back on? what happened when he went back to the future? what problems did the machine cause in the lab and why?

This film could have been so much better but it wasn't

Reviewed by khunkrumark 2 / 10

Annoying bland nonsense.

A manic depressive experiments with time travel with predictable results. Young chap mopes about the house feeling sorry for himself while arguing with an emotional computer. His interaction with a food delivery girl is just cringy. Save yourself the bother.

Reviewed by pietclausen 1 / 10

Don't belief Bogus Reviews

This movie was made in 2019 and only released in 2021. The four reviews currently available compares with nothing in this movie. Sci-fi definitely not! Adventure non experienced. Thriller? Huh? Disgusting waste of time as nothing happens! The full plot line can be written in one short sentence!

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