Noche de vino tinto

1966 [SPANISH]


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Reviewed by MogwaiMovieReviews 4 / 10

Nueva Ola

A young woman drops off the key to her old boyfriend's apartment, goes to a bar and leaves with a new man. They drink their way through the night while talking about love and wandering around Barcelona.

An experimental 60s studenty film, very similar in style to the French New Wave films of the time from Truffault and Godard, etc., it's filled with lots of youthful idealism and naivety, and much empty and emotionless pontificating about human relationships, but doesn't add up to a whole lot, and the end result feels little more than watching children play dress-up with ideas. Some of the photography is OK, and Serena Vergano is pretty to look at, but there's really nothing else here to get excited about.

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