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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephanieyuhas 9 / 10

Must-see for any aspiring artist

If you're an art student that thinks it's enough to just go to art school and wait for someone to "discover" you, see this movie; it's a much more realistic portrayal of the trials and tribulations we face as artists post-college.

You would have no idea that this film is an indie because it's shot beautifully - great color, perfect sound, lighting, etc. Madison is charming and natural beauty (no fake plastic Hollywood here!) This is clearly the work of a filmmaker who is writing what he knows.

I don't want to give any spoilers here, so I'm just going to talk about why I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. My festival received "No Footing" as a submission and our panel unanimously voted to make it an Official Selection of Project Twenty1's 2010 Philadelphia Filmathon. After a team of judges reviewed it, it was selected as "Best Feature" for the festival. We sent a copy to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and they got hooked. Then it started getting into festivals ALL OVER THE PLACE and winning boatloads of awards (not all of them are listed on here for some reason).

I feel so proud that we stumbled upon this jewel and hope that it receives the distribution, attention, and accolades it deserves. Don't forget us humble festival folks here when you're famous!

Reviewed by fuwelata 6 / 10

The Artist in his Museum, by Charles Willson Peale, 1822

Truly, a film that shines as bright as the lights on set. A wardrobe as dynamic as Mrs. Jenson Jacobs performance (formerly Jensen Bucher). Sets as diverse as the many representations of facial hair seen throughout the film. Michael Licisyn has truly done it again!

My fiancé and I, who also happens to be from Albany (she's real, I assure you), sat down to watch another Licisyn classic. We came in not knowing what the future may hold, much like young Madison Parker, and left as changed woman and man respectively. We had to remind ourselves that this heartbreaking tale was only a film- that is how pulled in we were. Especially by the party scene! Absolutely heart wrenching!

One of the most griping scenes was the display of charged sexual chemistry between Lincoln Hawkins and the man in purple. Closely rivaled by that of Madison and the couple in the bedroom she wakes up to. (did they have relations with each other? We were uncertain.)

Michael Licisyn's talent for film craft, much the lighting in the film, shines both in front of and behind the camera. His recall of Kevin Smithesque comedy in his all too brief cameo is both groundbreaking and original. By the end of the film all we were left thinking, my fiancé and I, was a simple question:

Spin off for Donkey lips?

(10/10 would recommend to a friend :D )

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