Ninja III: The Domination


Action / Fantasy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 4136

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James Hong as Miyashima
Lucinda Dickey as Christie
Shô Kosugi as Yamada
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trusty 10 / 10

Best movie ever made? I think yes.

Wow. I've never seen nor heard of this film. It just came on tv (2:00 am) and I am in complete awe. Setup: a bunch of rich fat cats are out golfing. One knocks a ball into the rough. It lands by a NINJA!!!! A tuxedoed man walks over to pick the ball up. The ninja grabs it. Crushes it in his hand. Man pulls gun. Ninja pulls blowgun. Ninja blows dart into gun barrel. GUN EXPLODES!!!! This is just the beginning of the greatness, people. Everyone must see this movie. 10 big ol fat stars from trusty.

Reviewed by chris919 8 / 10

Lucinda Dickey's back

This is a pretty silly film, including what may well be the least erotic come-on ever to make it to the big screen (the heroine pours V-8 all over herself and invites the hero to lick it off -- yuck!). And yet it also features the resplendent Lucinda Dickey in what is far and away her most erotic performance. In those long ago days, women -- even action heroines -- with real muscles were a rarity, and I can still remember the way my jaw dropped when Dickey took off her shirt, revealing the most powerfully built female back and biceps I'd ever seen. Dickey's beauty and vitality carry the film: she could have been a female Schwarzenegger if anybody had had the vision to promote her.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Good example of '80s excess

NINJA III: THE DOMINATION is the last of Cannon's unconnected ninja trilogy, which began with the good ENTER THE NINJA and peaked with the excellent REVENGE OF THE NINJA. This one's the worst of the three but still a fun watch for fans of 1980s cheese. The extended opening sequence in particular is outstanding, featuring evil ninja David Chung going on a random massacre at a golf course and taking down innocent folk right, left, and centre. Things move down a notch after this point as his spirit randomly possesses a fitness girl with big hair and a fondness for this sleazy cop with the most chest hair you'll ever see on a guy - he makes Chuck Norris look bald. She occasionally turns into the evil ninja and kills some folk off, until good-guy ninja Sho Kosugi shows up to exorcise her and kick ass. Things culminate in a fun battle between good and evil. With cheesy effects, random plotting and lots of surreal violence, NINJA III: THE DOMINATION night not be art, but it certainly qualifies as a good example of '80s excess.

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