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Reviewed by jtourbro 8 / 10

Another Miike bullseye

Ley Lines is the third installment in the Triad Society trilogy, and like the others this is a (almost) serious film. It revolves around a group of outsiders (sound familiar?) trying to survive in the rough Osaka neighborhood. The movie has a very nostalgic atmosphere and since it revolves around the yakuza world, there are a couple of "Miike-highlights" in this one, however without compromising the atmosphere or tone of the film. So like Shinjuku Triad Society this one is sort of a mix between the serious and insane, and a great movie to boot.


Reviewed by arkitech515 8 / 10

What a beautiful movie, need recommendations on similar films

I just completed Miike's Black Society trilogy and I found each and every movie to be very enjoyable. The opening film Shinjuku Triad Society was a bit over the top, but I'm still glad I took the time out to watch it. The jewel in this trilogy of movies however easily is Rainy Dog with Ley Lines coming in as a close second. Both of those films were so hauntingly beautiful and yet gritty in its depiction of the character's lives and their struggles. And although the stories in this group of movies are nothing original, they are a testament to the fact that the way a story is told accounts for a lot.

Shinjuke Triad Society - 7 Rainy Dog - 8.75 Ley Lines - 8

Can anyone recommend movies similar to this?

Reviewed by david.widlake 7 / 10

Youths struggling in Japan

Ley Lines (the English title of Japan Triad Society) is the third part of Miike's Triad Society Trilogy but it (and the other parts) can be seen out of order as they contain no recurring characters or storylines. A funny, sad film about bored small town delinquents travelling to Tokyo and being outclassed by the big city criminals. Beautiful camerawork.

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