Never Forget


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Lou Diamond Phillips as Frank Hill
Sarah Manninen as Natasha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by borderline_maniac 4 / 10


I watched the movie and however my expectations weren't too high, I must say that this flick has nothing that that I like in a 'thriller':

It was boring, it had nerving 'conversations', a predictable plot and poor acting (I must admit, that if there isn't a real script, what can be expected from acting?) This movie is a wannabee of its worst kind. It tries to jump on the "I have lost my mind - and I try to reconstruct the puzzle"-train. But, please Mr. Scherman, leave this to directors who really know their job - as for instance Chris Nolan ('Memento'), Brad Anderson ('The Machinist') or James Magold ('Identity') or John Polson ('Hide and Seek') - that admittedly is a little weaker than the other examples, just to mention a few.

I repeat: Don't expect too much - or better to say Nothing' out of this movie. For 'round 90 minutes there are only two (b-)actors walking through a wood talking nonsense.

So neither waste your time nor money!

Reviewed by jammanxc 1 / 10

don't watch this one

This movie is a waste of time.

Unless your type of movie is watching two guys with one guy pointing a gun at the other guy for 1 1/2 hours walking through a barren forest, skip it.

This movie bored me to death. The actors are terrible and the plot is terrible.

This is no Drama, neither a Thriller.. but a mere snooze.

I give this movie a 1/10, only because I had an interest in the IMDb tagline.

Do not waste your time and money on this movie.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 3 / 10

Regrettable. A human puzzle.

Unfortunately, director Leo Scherman's NEVER FORGET is all but memorable. Lou Diamond Phillips plays Steven, who awakens alone in the middle of the woods and he is bloody, beaten and hanging by his foot from a tree. Before the rope snaps and down comes Steven a blood covered knife falls from his pocket. He has no idea where he is or what has happened. He is approached by Andy(Kristen Holden-Reid), who accuses him of murder. Murdering who? The two ramble and stumble their way through the woods all-the-while Steven is trying to recover his memory and put together the human puzzle he is part of. To be exact, who is Andy? Maybe he is the murderer, he does have a gun. But Steven is the one bloody. Steven's amnesia is fading in and out as the two men arrive at a home in the woods...can Steven trust what he thinks he remembers? Anxiety builds with an amount of boredom and the confusing last quarter of the movie I assume was done on purpose. Probably one of the worse movies Phillips has been in...and he has had his share.

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