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Reviewed by movieman_kev 2 / 10


Some slut is giving some guy head in the back of his van when they're attacked by a werewolf thus begins "The Band From Hell". The main plot is about Tony who comes home to his college town in hopes of rekindling his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rosemary. She doesn't want to hear anything about it even though Kevin, her gay best friend, is attempting to smooth things over between the two. Tony is able to win her back in no time at all though with a song sung at open Mic night, but Rosemary isn't the only one amazed at the performance, as the Romainian rock band, Neowolf, wants him to join their band (their previous band mate was killed earlier in the movie). He's then promptly seduced and turned into a werewolf. It's up to Rosemary to save him.

Rosemary is a love-struck idiot it seems, I couldn't buy why she thinks Tony is a werewolf, basically she just sees a picture of him screwing another girl & automatically jumps to that conclusion. What?? Really?!? With the general conceit of the film so ridiculous, I found it hard to get into all that followed. Especially since it was so inane, badly acted, and the special effects were slightly below "Buffy"-caliber. And the last half hour gets REALLY bad.

Eye Candy: Stephanie Katz gets topless, an unknown actress also gets topless at 27 minutes in, and a body-double for Heidi Johanningmeier shows T&A

My Grade: D-

Intermedia Artists DVD Extras: Two featurettes (Making the Music which runs around 7 minutes & Make-up/Effects which runs 8)

Reviewed by gavin6942 3 / 10

Boring, Poorly-Constructed Film

A young, struggling musician (Michael Frascino) is torn between his pursuit of rock stardom and his girlfriend. When a traveling rock band, Neowolf, comes to town, the choice gets even more difficult: the bandmates seem to be a pack of werewolves, and there's no time for love when you're on the hunt for human flesh.

Let's just say this film is bad beginning to end. I don't want to sugar coat it, or give anyone a reason to see it. I'm not even sure how you can find a copy, but if you can, just ignore it and hope that it crawls under a rock and dies.

The story isn't interesting, the characters have no depth, the songs are too many and not particularly good, the camera work is so poor that this lies between home video quality and the SyFy Channel. I'm not sure what possesses people to assemble a cast to make bad movies, but they must be stopped. If you know you make bad movies (Charles Band, this is you) that's one thing. But if you think you're striking gold and you uproot a lump of petrified dog waste, please retire.

What caused me to watch this rather than "Drive-In Massacre", was the inclusion of our dear friend Tiffany Shepis on the cast list. Sadly, if that is your reason for watching, you'll be let down. Her role is largely unnoticeable. I thought she had a small role in "Live Evil", but here I just didn't even see a point of having her. It gave the film a bonus bump it did not deserve.

Long story short: disposable, forgettable film that I wouldn't waste my time on if I hadn't already.

Reviewed by hunk-1 2 / 10

Don't Bother...

I rarely do movie reviews,mostly because I find what others have said to sum up my feelings towards a film.

But I'm willing to make an exception for "The Band From Hell", or as it should have been called "The Movie From Hell".

I really wanted to give this movie a chance,but I couldn't find anything redeeming about it. The direction was awful, the editor seems to really love his dissolves (really 4 dissolves to show a guy leaving a gas station?),and the photography non-existent. Who in their right mind decides to shoot midnight scenes in the middle of the afternoon?Or the interior of a bus in a huge black sound stage? Who are you trying to fool here? And the special effects,don't get me started on the special effects... Just because you've glued some hair on a guys arm, it doesn't make him a werewolf... The performances weren't the best,but I can't really ask for anything more,from a cast of unknown actors,struggling with a script as stupid as that.

Bottom line is,this movie sucks.It shouldn't even be called a B-movie as it is disgraceful to the other great B-movies out there. It's the sort of movie that you would except to find on TV in 3 in the morning,and ultimately decide to watch telemarketing instead.

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