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Parvesh Cheena as Laurel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jebsmith-09899 9 / 10

A beautiful rejection of Hollywood tropes: A young millennial revival of the Dogme 95 film movement

I was lucky enough to attend the premier of this film in Los Angeles to which it received a standing ovation.

This is a film for filmmakers and a wonderful debut for director Dakota Gorman as well as lead actress Emma Deckers.

The traditional storyline takes a backseat in this film as we experience a slice of life of three young women in their twenties and the very real relationships and problems facing a generation.

Typically, stories in this age range do not tend to play out in cinema as mainstream films center their stories around highschoolers or action heroes ageing from thirty and up, neglecting a very real and raw demographic in modern society. As a member of the twenty-something club, I was delighted to see this representation on the screen.

The moment to moment dialogue in this film is its strongest feature. As the witticism and quick verbal duels hold your attention and pay off in big laughs. The relationship between the three lead women is real, raw, truly touching and heartfelt at times in between the comedic moments

At its core, this is a film shedding the light on more than one of the many taboos in which we dance around in modern society. A film told through the lens of young people whose opinions matter, as they will be the ones to pass judgement on these issues as we move into the future.

All in all, a thought provoking and tantalising dark comedy well worth a watch!

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

boring for some...

Appetizer for others, thoughtprovoking for a religious fanatic, and maybe tantalizing stuff without calling it heavy eroticized, no bare upper or nether parts exposed, its the 3 young ladies confessions around the bon fire, about how to beat the bush and how to eat or wack the sneaking snake in the garden of hedon.

Acting is fairly natural not outragously good but quite harmless sexy, occationally the story is boring and might feel gross for some, and the plot speed is extremely slow, but some fantasy tips youll get, and the talking by the fence can be vigourous and might strike a match of volcanic heat among some viewers.

Productionwise it has an outrageously bad sound quality, its not a minor flaw, just a big livin in a box auditorial mess all the way through the film, and its very bouncing plotwise. Score is quite irrelevant due to very small amounts of it.

So its not a pornographic, rather a thoughtprovoking erotional cabaret that will taste well at your next womens getogether or''klubb/forening'' in norwegian, but thats entirely the thoughts of a grumpy old man.

Reviewed by srjcochrane 2 / 10


Sorry but it just went on and on. Like a lot of movies where you want someone to die just to make it interesting.

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