Natural Born Pranksters



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 3.6 10 3628


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Mindy Robinson as Video Vixen
Rachel Alig as Accomplice #1
Michael Flores as Villain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by costaskridiotis 1 / 10

Please DO NOT watch!!

Let me start off by saying that I used to be a big fan of these three pranksters and for two years now, I was looking forward to see their transition to the big screen. However, after watching this movie, I do not want to hear the names Vitaly, Roman and Dennis again...

This so called "movie" makes you appreciate the effort that goes into making actual movies! I do not want to waste my time writing a review for this "movie" because the actors, producers, directors put ZERO effort in making something memorable and respectful. All the people that took part in this "movie" should feel ashamed because all the scenes are out of place, there is no transition into new scenes, there is too much cursing, shame and dirtiness.

Please do not watch and please do not give $12.99 to buy this movie!

Reviewed by Azurnuk 1 / 10

Stay on youtube, way better!

OK, the first thing to be said is stay on YOUTUBE! I'm a big fan of vitaly's pranks and some of roman's. The youtube pranks are waaaaaaaaay better than this crap! This is really a bad attempt of copying jackass! I mean jackass trilogy i can watch it over and over and over again and i can't get bored or not laugh and i wish they could make a new one. This movie on the other hand, 0% funny, i barley smiled! 20% percent pranks. They're supposed to be "professional pranksters", what i saw as if they are trying so hard to get people's attention just like they did on youtube. Bad filming, bad editing, worst ending ever!

Again STAY ON YOUTUBE!! So disappointed!

Reviewed by codinglover 1 / 10

No Point in this movie

All of the pranks are clearly fake. This is worse then what they do on Youtube.

Bad acting. It's like they didn't even put effort into this movie. Apparently they spent $1million on this movie. Should have kept it.

Obviously movies are going to be acted out. But this should of been like Bad Grandpa, where it was all real. Or that at least looked real.

It even had a story.

Genuinely a waste of money. No story line, fake when it shouldn't be and all in all it is a crappy movie made by crappy Youtubers.

You shouldn't even think about buying this. I actually feel quite upset that I won't get the time back I wasted watching this god awful film.

In the trailer for this film they even put a prank in that wasn't theirs. This film had no credibility from the beginning.

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