Nae anaeui modeun geot

2012 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1346


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Sun-kyun Lee as Doo-Hyun
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fluffset 9 / 10

at least some comedy from Korea!

Its been a while since I watch a comedy movie from Korea, because I more prefer to their thriller, you know how their thriller right? I feel so excited when I watch this because of its pretty interesting storyline that's no one can ever imagine, I think so. So, what a relief! It doesn't even disappointing me at all, from the start till the end it play with our emotion and make us follow the momentum. Its so good, I love it! Although its ending is quite predictable and can be even better if they reverse it, maybe they just don't want to disappoint their audiences. I still love it! Its been so long since they make a good comedy movie, lately all their comedy product is worst. If you want the real deal! This is it! Sorry for my bad English!

Reviewed by niaz_islam 6 / 10


Before seeing a foreign language movie I almost always check the movie rating. If it was any other movie then I would not watch the movie after seeing the rating in IMDb,but when I saw that there is no review available for this movie then it becomes pretty much obvious to watch the movie.

Now , the movie itself. It surely is an average movie not a must watch movie. Movie has a interesting story line although the comedy, emotion and serious parts of the movie not quite blend in perfectly. There are some dialogues that will definitely touch your heart.

I hate to say all about the movie , because it will ruin it for you if you decide to watch it, Because there is not much to tell. Although the movie could have been much more entertaining,at least it will not bore you to death ;)

Reviewed by gmprem-37289 9 / 10

Unique and Realistic in Comedic way...

What hooked me was story. It is interesting and refreshing. The way story unfolds and how well neighbors makes advance to seduces main lead's wife is worth watching. Her reaction to advances is depicted well with her hidden turmoil and thoughts in realistic way so is husband's ever-growing jealousy and refusing to completely handover his wife which was also portrayed in light humorous way at the same time.

You wouldn't regret watching this movie at all. Good story, comedy and interesting characters. Satisfactory ending. Teaches new perspective on relationships. .

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