Mystery Woman In the Shadows



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Kellie Martin as Samantha Kinsey
Nina Siemaszko as Cassie
Casey Sander as Chief Connors
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

KGB tell all

Neither Kellie Martin and more so Clarence Williams,III can resist going to a book signing of Malachi Throne a former KGB agent who is writing a tell all expose sure to please Vladimir Putin. At the signing during a break Martin witnesses an attack on Throne and then she's injured badly when thrown into the path of an oncoming car by the murderer.

A syringe loaded with morphine is what does Throne in and Throne who was racked with cancer was dying anyway. With Martin in the hospital Williams is on the hunt and taking up the slack is their friend ADA Nina Siemaszko. Even police chief Casey Sander is a bit less irascible as they look for who killed Throne and injured Martin.

I will say this the goal is not what it appears to be when they manage to figure out what Throne's real intentions were.

See if you can figure it out.

Reviewed by MissMargaretKindsy 10 / 10

Great Show

This is one of my favorite Mystery Woman. I'll just tell a little about it with out spoiling it for you.

An old Russan spy that Phliby tried to stop in his earlier days. Well, this Russan spy writes a book, In the Shadows, he has a book signing and Phliby and Samantha are invited. Well, the writer is in a parking lot and he falls down. Samantha sees him and she runs over to him. He tells her to run and someone grabs her and they struggle for a few minutes. Then the person throws Samantha in front of a moving car and she gets hit.

Well, I won't tell anymore. But I didn't even know who could have done it all.

I hope this helps!

Reviewed by joybryant-40840 7 / 10

Cute Movie

I enjoy this series and the similar movies made by Kelli Martin. Also great to see Clarence Williams III. I realize it's just a TV movie, but still, it was silly having Samantha (Kelli Martin) wake up after being in the hospital overnight with full makeup. The perfectly combed hair, bright lipstick; and pink eyeshadow were a bit much for an accident victim who had been hit by a car and unconscious in the hospital overnight. A more subtle look old have been nice.

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