My Love

2007 [HINDI]

Drama / Musical / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 7324

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Salman Khan as Imaan
Sonam Kapoor as Sakina
Ranbir Kapoor as Ranbir Raj
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by habiba43 9 / 10

A Bollywood Modern Day Story about Star Crossed Lovers

I heard varying comments prior to watching this film, and I have to say that I shall always follow my gut instinct from now on. This film is neither boring or slow paced! Whilst watching the trailers the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful sets. And they did not disappoint! The set is magical. The acting is flawless. The music is brilliant. The story is well written, nicely paced and very artistic indeed. Clever and intellectual. A well deserved round of applause for both those in front of the scenes and behind. For anyone who has loved someone unconditionally. I would highly recommend to those who enjoyed films from Romeo and Juliet to Devdas to Moulin Rouge! ;)

Reviewed by Vishboy 8 / 10

A Visual Treat!

A lot has been written and said about Saawariya. Majority of the critics and reviews have dismissed this movie! Well, I for one, almost gave it a miss (as it is I am not a huge fan of Mr.Bansali). But I saw the movie yesterday, and whoa-I was pleasantly surprised!!! It has to be, in my opinion, one of the most visually appealing movie of all time. I mean, right from the reel one, the movie speaks volumes about its grandeur. It is true delight on the visual senses.

So why have the critics darned it? Well, I think you have to view "Saawariya" in its own context. Comaprisons just cannot be made. It's like a book of fairy-tales. each page in the book is rich in illustrations and drawings. Just holding the book sometimes can take you in a world of dreams. This movie is precisely like that and has to be viewed in that context. The music adds to its flow-it is the part of the package.

Now to the performances: Sonam Kapoor has an angelic screen presence and her acting too is good for her debut movie. Ranbir Kapoor is a powerhouse of talent and a great screen presence too. For their first movie, the lead pair creates lots of magic! Salman Khan is barely there. Rani Mukherjee who plays a prostitute is awesome-I nearly fell in love with this prostitute!!! The movie does have some rough edges. At least a couple of sequences (including the ending) are way too abrupt! It's like the chef forgot to garnish his dish. All in all "Saawariya" is a movie that I think justifies my 8/10 rating. It is so visually appealing that one literally cannot take the eyes off! And it's not too taxing on the brains too-just a simple love story set in a far-far away land, narrated with flow and music, though at the end of it you might question the essence of Sonam's character. That to me was very baffling! Go for it!

Reviewed by aparajita_burjwal 10 / 10

excellent film!

First of all after watching saawariya i still have not been able to understand why people did not like it. we should know that it is an art film and it should be looked at in the same way. we say we want different films now but when a director attempts a different film, we absolutely bash it and end up taking out as many flaws as we can. the main two characters off this film are "ranbir and sonam". now where was the city situated, in which era it is happening all this is not important. when we look at a painting, we don't look at where it is sitauted, we look at it's beauty and this exactly what saawariya is, it is a beautiful painting and we should be looking at it's beauty.

You need to have an open mind and appreciation for art films to watch and digest this one. it is true that it's not mass appealing, because it doesn't have the jhatkas and the matkas in it. I recommend you go and watch it and forget about the reviews.

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