MVP: Most Valuable Primate


Comedy / Family / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 2318


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Kevin Zegers as Steven Westover
Jamie Renée Smith as Tara Westover
Jay Brazeau as Harry
Scott Whyte as Hockey Player
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cfc3 10 / 10

Chimp + Hockey = Makes you think!

Let me start out by saying I am not a big sports fan, I do not like chimps, and I'm an accountant. I am normally not into comedies. I like practical and sober commentaries on the status of social consciousness. But I tell you, when I saw MVP, I did see a tint of social commentary, however, what sold me was the heart. The heart of a young chimp trying to make his way in an unforgiving human environment, reminds me of my struggles during my first tax season. This movie will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will even make you think, but most importantly, it will make you laugh while you think of crying.

The most astounding part of this movie is the potential of non-taxable income on the part of MVP. Here's a chimp who has the ability to play in the NHL, thus the ability to generate a lucrative income. I've done my research, and I've found no section of the Internal Revenue Code that applies to chimpanzees, or any other animal for that matter. Meaning, MVP could reap the multi-million dollar contracts we hear so much about, and to the dismay of the IRS, not report a dime! If this chimp is smart, which I dare say he is, he should invest this income into non-taxable municipal bonds. Yeah, that'll really get those fat cats in Washington mad.

Reviewed by lukerat88 10 / 10

The greatest thing ever produced by man-kind

Okay, like the guy above me, I like, totally loved this movie. Why did I love it? 'Cause it was frigg'n sweet, that's why.

See, this movie is kinda like a microcosm of society. There's like, this guy, right, who gets picked on all his life for being different. The guy, in this movie, is really a monkey (JACK I LUV U). So, when society gets a guy down, they totally go nuts and join a hockey team and smash people in the face with pucks. I learned a lot from this movie because of that! The sweetest part was when Jack was hanging out outside the hockey rink, smokin' a jay. The audience is like, "what's this street-smart go-getter planning to do?" Then, this guy who threw a cup at his head while he was getting ready to nail the puck in and win the game starts to walk out of the building. Jack, sweet as ever, grabs a skateboard and chucks it at his head and says something like "I hope you still aren't 'board'!" and then he laughs for the remaining half hour of the movie.

Words cannot describe my feelings for this movie. It brings out something powerful in me... like, I dunno, the need to play video games and eat pizza just like Jack would. There are some movies that grab you, and then there are movies which pick you up and slam you against the wall about fourteen times. This is the latter. Thank you, and god bless.

Reviewed by dbragiel 10 / 10


I just came back from seeing MVP and was amazed. I was surprised because I'm 20 so this is more for a kids movie. I've seen Dunston checks In, Air Bud I II, Ed, and That Darn Cat and I just love pet movies. You can't go wrong. First of all Jack the monkey is brilliant. I have never seen a monkey play hockey so well. I don't want to spoil anything but the ending is very good. If you are 20 above and like pet movies this is movie for you.

As far acting goes once again you can't go wrong. Like I said before Jack is one good monkey at skating. His puck handling and skating are convincing and are the best monkey skating I've seen in a movie. Shane Vajda as Moose gave a surprising performance. So for those who haven't seen it skate don't run to your local theatre.

Two primate thumbs up :)

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