Muzi v nadeji

2011 [CZECH]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 3656


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Vica Kerekes as Sarlota
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by poserpro 10 / 10

A story about marriage and love

I didn't expect to watch this movie in the first few seconds cos it was a movie spoken in a language I wasn't familiar with. I thought it was a Polish film, but after I checked IMDb, I knew I was watching a Czech movie of 2011. And it turned out to be a great comedy I would like to experience in my life too, I am glad I have watched it to the ending credits.

It was actually a very funny and interesting movie that you would find it totally into it if you cherish the meaning of beautiful life, and marriage. The story slowly goes around the issue that keeping faithful to your spouse isn't easy for any one; in the movie, all lead characters are cheaters to their halves: the father-in-law, the husband, the mother-in-law, even the wife, but the ending was a happy one, despite the tragedy of the mother.

This is my first review posted at IMDb, I didn't manage to write a complete review, but trust my word, it is such a great one to entertain you and yours.

Reviewed by Uriah43 6 / 10

Infidelity in Prague

This film essentially centers around two men named "Rudolf" (Bolek Polivka) and his son-in-law "Ondrej" (Jiri Machacek) who are both married and live in Prague. As it so happens, Rudolf is having multiple affairs and although Ondrej knows about them has kept this news from both his mother-in-law "Marta" (Simona Stasova) and his wife "Alice" (Petra Hrebickova). Then one day, while both of them have gone to play pool, a new prospective mistress for Rudolf by the name of "Carlotta" (Vica Kerekes) playfully puts her undergarments in the pocket of Ondrej's jacket and when Alice discovers it he naturally blames Rudolf. Alice then tells Marta and things take on a new life after that. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a fairly good comedy for the most part which benefitted greatly from the exotic location. Admittedly, it wasn't as light-hearted as I would have liked and it seemed a bit uneven at times but even so it was entertaining enough and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.

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