Murder in the Woods


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.9 10 195

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April 12, 2021 at 10:30 AM



Danny Trejo as Sheriff Lorenzo
Chelsea Rendon as Chelsea
Catherine Toribio as Celeste
José Julián as Jesse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cheefn27 1 / 10

Bogus reviews!!

If you would like an honest review....this movie is terrible... period!!! Bad acting, bad writing, just all around bad

Reviewed by aharrouch 3 / 10

So bad, it's not even good.

You *know*, within a scene and a half, that this was basically a film student's final assignment. Had I not actually PAID to rent it after being VERY EASILY fooled by what appeared like positive reviews from underground horror critics, I could not have stomached the full hour and a half. The script & characters feel like they were concocted by a twelve year old who just saw Scream for the first time and thought "I could do that!"... and the acting... oh, god the acting.

LAUGHABLY bad performances by the majority of the cast, if not all of them. Predictable from beginning to end, as far as who the killer is and the pecking order of the victims.

The one thing I'll say is I didn't expect any kind of SFX to be successful, and they pulled that off better than anything else.

3.5/10 for actually completing their vision, against quite literally ALL the odds.

Reviewed by merskur 5 / 10

Beware of the reviews

At the moment this movie has 7 reviews. All of those 7 people have only reviewed this movie, and all of them have given it 10/10. Some of the usernames also bear resemblance to one another, and most of the accounts are brand new.

Make of that what you will. This isn't a 10/10 movie.

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