Moving Day



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimdan1962 7 / 10

Great little flick!

I have NO idea why this is getting a 5.1??? Wtf People?? I watch a ton of movies, and I rarely feel moved to write a review, but I just gotta say, I loved this movie! Will Sasso and Charlie Murphy stole the show, but the rest of the cast did a wonderful job as well. They portrayed a great, loving friendship, it really made the movie. It's one of those movies that,with just a bit of wrong direction,casting and writing, and bad acting, could've easily been a total bomb. Instead, what a treat! NOT a brainless comedy by ANY means (as you may think by the title, cast and basic description), but rather a very warm, well acted, intelligent, and at times, funny little movie. Whilst you may not agree with my 7, you very well may agree it's a good movie, and well worth a watch. Please, give this movie a try.

Reviewed by Annepet 9 / 10

Little gem!

This movie is great! The humor in Moving Day is eccentric. The cast is great. There is a pleasant balance between humor and 'drama'. The style and setting is original. There are super retro features in this movie (or is this typical Canadian?). Key components of Moving Day are friendship and loyalty. We loved the dog Little Buddy. Moving day really works the pathos! I did not want to miss a minute of this movie. Funny, touching and eccentric, really worthwhile watching. I normally do not enter many reviews. But we are flabbergasted by some negative reviews and the low rating of this movie. Which is totally unfair. Watch, enjoy and feel Good!

Reviewed by sachisamster 8 / 10

A story of an Underdog

We get to see quite a number of movies especially related to some sport with underdogs coming on top of the champs but this for me was real life. This could be any one of us at the bottom of the pyramid chasing the middle class dream of a job in the city, better salary, better home , a nice set of wheels etc. Maybe we can throw in a thinner body to the above list since the character Clyde was portrayed to be fat. The other 3, were the stereotypes; a wannabe rock star, a drunkard and the man with a criminal record plus he's black. The character of the boss seems so real, a middle class gentleman, lonely, and trying to project an image of a profitable business by cutting corners which have illegal tendency. The reality portrayed in this movie with the effort being put in to make the characters seem to relevant and close deserves an 8/10.

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