Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 2.9 10 724

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roleplaygeordan 2 / 10

Slightly less painful than having a screwdriver jammed in your ear

I didn't expect anything from this movie going in and it was still awful. The acting was awful even for a low budget production like this. (which i can only assume consisted of whatever loose change the director found in his pocket that day). The plot is basically a rip off of the Blair Witch Project. (minus the scares, the believably and any semblance of fun.) And the plot twist at the end can be seen from a mile away. The only reason i don't give this movie 1/10 is because some parts were so bad they made me laugh.

Reviewed by AtLeastItsNot4 1 / 10

Useless piece of [email protected]

So someone made a bad movie about making a bad movie. Wow, just wow. The whole time I was waiting for the exciting part, but it just didn't come. The main actor should find a day job, because this profession isn't for him. The main actress was at least trying to give some quality to the movie, so kudos for her. But unfortunately it just wasn't enough. Overall, bad script, bad acting, just another boring movie. Don't waste your time with watching this. Really, just don't.

Reviewed by jimihendrixlive 7 / 10

Interesting FF effort

This is a remarkable indie effort as it manages to bring something fresh in the usual monster FF plot: guys get on the monster's track, camp out at night with nothing to defend themselves then they get on the monster's menu as dessert. You will find Moth is nothing like that, in a good way ! Good visuals, intelligent plot.

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