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Bruce Campbell as Ray Tanner
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Reviewed by Samualt 8 / 10

One of the best B movies!

This isn't a classic by any means. But it is fun to watch! It has a very good SciFi premise, the acting is good, and the cinematography is good. I really thought the special effects were outstanding for a small budget flick. The dialog suffers a little/lot here and there but is passable. While the movie itself doesn't make the "A List" there are two or three scenes that are kind of classic and make the whole thing worthwhile. If you like the B flicks then this one is a must! I would love to see a big budget remake. Grab some popcorn and load it up, you'll be glad you did!

Reviewed by hfcrooijackers 9 / 10

When will there ever be a Moontrap II or Moontrap I revised?... .

Although the Romans already stated "de gustibus non disputandum" (you cannot argue about taste), I liked this movie very much! It has the kind of atmosphere I am longing for in a SciFi movie! A lot of mysteries (we are fully kept in the dark about the origins of the moon base and the mysterious old spaceship, which the space shuttles encounters in orbit) and presented as such in a way, that my fantasy can jump with giant leaps during the entire movie! I even don't WANT to know where they came from!!! The "human slashing" is a bit overdone for my taste, but then depends on what you are looking for - I guess. The special effects could be better, but they don't disturb me at all: as a matter of fact they are indeed more accurate than in other comparable movies! At the time it really was timed perfectly: a lot of conspiracy theories were posted about Apollo astronauts hiding secrets from us (secret alien moon bases, UFOs, etc.), which made this film even more believable than normal.

It really is the kind of movie, which deserves a sequel: maybe we can then get more insight into the origins of the unknown people - or even better: run into new mysteries. Of course Walter Koenig is now a bit too old, but a SERIOUS remake of Moontrap - followed by an equally SERIOUS sequel! - would make me very happy indeed!

Reviewed by Vomitron_G 6 / 10

RoBoT MooN

I had me some fun revisiting MOONTRAP the other day. Had not seen it since my teen-days. A small but ambitious sci-fi/horror film about a race of robotic aliens hidden on the dark side of the moon, occupying themselves since ages with building a giant mother-ship - that thing was huge! - to invade earth and using human bodies for spare-parts (VIRUS with Jamie Lee Curtis, anyone?). A weird film altogether with a lot of great and some not-so-great special effects, including nifty looking miniatures. Starring none less than Walter Koenig (from the original STAR TREK series) and Bruce Campbell, who's acting his way very inappropriately through this film, like if he was convinced he was doing another EVIL DEAD film. Can't really call this a great film, with its pacing problems and illogical goings-on, but it was a blast seeing it again.

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