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Arthur O'Connell as Mr. Homer Hinkley
Natalie Trundy as Jane Hinkley
Marlene Dietrich as Maria de Crevecoeur
Vittorio De Sica as Count Dino della Fiaba
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Continental Dream Team

A continental dream team of Marlene Dietrich and Vittorio DeSica team up for Montecarlo a place that was big news in 1957 because of a wedding that took place there. It was a natural that someone would have done some kind of Monaco based story because of the wedding of their reigning Prince Rainer to American film star Grace Kelly.

There was however little chemistry between Dietrich and DeSica. I think both of them did the film because of the opportunity to spend time on the Riviera. That's as good a reason as any I've ever heard.

The two stars are a pair of fortune hunters. Both have lost heavily at the gaming tables and each spies the other as a possible mark. When the horrible truth sinks in that they've only combined their debts they decide to team up and get richer respective partners. They decide on a father and daughter duo of millionaires.

Highlight of the film is Marlene Dietrich trying to seduce her mark Arthur O'Connell with a vamp version of Back Home In Indiana. Bet you never thought of that as a torch song. But when Marlene does it in her inimitable style it has possibilities.

But what I can't figure out is why DeSica was given 18 year old Natalie Trundy to go after. I mean the writers couldn't have had him trying to work O'Connell's sister instead of a daughter? He really comes across as a dirty old man. It's the main weakness of the film.

Among the supporting players is Italian comedian Renato Rascel who would co-star with Mario Lanza in The Seven Hills Of Rome the following year. He plays a pawnbroker who wants his tickets redeemed or Marlene's jewelry. Seems as though she had an agreement with Rascel's brother to allow her to wear the jewels for the casinos. Rascel wants an end to that practice and he and Dietrich have some great scenes together.

The wide screen color cinematography of Monaco and the Riviera are absolutely breathtaking. I'm glad color was used for this beautiful spot on the planet.

According to a recent biography of Marlene Dietrich, Vittorio DeSica had two great passions, pursuit of young girls in real life like Natalie Trundy and the gaming tables. He was a candidate for Gamblers Anonymous, DeSica when he won financed his films that way. Many a day's shoot was held up because of DeSica's late night hobbies.

Still Dietrich's legion of fans world wide will like the film and enjoy a glimpse of Montecarlo at the beginning of the Princess Grace story.

Reviewed by jotix100 6 / 10

On the Riviera

It's hard to imagine Dino Risi, a distinguished Italian director and writer being involved in this silly little comedy. "Montecarlo" was a product of the late 1950s era where it was inexpensive to shoot a film in Europe for little money. All that was required was a fabulous backdrop in which to set the action. Sam Taylor, its director, didn't bring anything new to the genre.

An icy Marlene Dietrich plays a woman with a lot of class, but no money to satisfy her taste for the best things in life. She is dazzled by Count Della Fiabe, who is also trying to recuperate his debts at the gambling tables of the famous casino. In order for him to attract the woman, who he thinks is his meal ticket, the poor Italian noble man enlist the help of the same people he owes money to.

The best thing comes toward the end when Marlene Dietrich sings "Back Home in Indiana" in a seedy bistro for the enjoyment of Homer Hinckley, who she feels will be the man to make her rich. All this takes place in the glorious French Riviera in all its splendor.

Vittorio DeSica, a marvelous actor/director, does what he can with a role that didn't have much for him. Marlene Dietrich is dressed to the nines by Jean Louis that showed her elegant figure well. Arthur O'Connell, a good character actor is the millionaire from Indiana. Jane Rose also appears in a small role.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Probably not a film appreciated by communists

Vittorio De Sica and Marlene Dietrich both play members of the nobility who live the high life but both are completely broke. Both have a plan--to find a rich person to marry and bail them out of their predicament. Unfortunately, they find each other--not realizing the other is no better off than they are. Both use all their charms and power of persuasion at the fancy resort town of Monte Carlo...but it's all for naught and they eventually realize their mistakes.

Soon, a rich American (Arthur O'Connell) and his young daughter (Natalie Trundy) arrive in Monte Carlo and Dietrich and De Sica decide to try to woo both of them, as a marriage to either of them could end their money troubles. However, he has an Italian accent and she has a German one--and they inexplicably poses as brother and sister when they insinuate themselves into these Americans' lives. What happens next? See the film yourself! Overall, a pleasant and inconsequential film made more enjoyable by the stars and the lovely locale. In fact, I think if the movie stank, it would STILL be worth seeing as the sites are breathtaking.

By the way, early in the film when the pair (Dietrich and De Sica) are shooting skeet, it's obvious the guns AREN'T loaded--not even blanks. It's kind of sloppy and silly to watch.

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