Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
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John David Washington as Richard 'Bobo' Evans
Jennifer Ehle as Katherine O'Brien
Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Steve Harmon
Tim Blake Nelson as Leroy Sawicki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nishil-patel1 7 / 10


Yes he was found not guilty and that was just under the circumstances but the boy was complicit in the robbery by the very fact he knew what was about to happen and didn't warn anyone. He may not have been part of a pre-meditated act but his guilty feeling at the end left you feeling he could and should have spoken up.

Yes the odds are stacked against young black men in America but on this occasion, he was one lucky boy!

Good movie, well structured and the story-telling was excellent.

Reviewed by billkimcornwell-08245 10 / 10


This is an excellent movie. Good script. Skilled -restrained-measured acting but talented cast. The story depicts the nightmare feared by so many parents and kids caught in complicated communities. Watch it.

Reviewed by tygarr13 7 / 10


As the movie progressed it gradually became almost painfully apparent that the young man in question was actually guilty of the crime for which he was accused (being a lookout for armed robbers). No amount of sad face shots or outbursts of proclaimed innocence can alter the fact that this was one young man that participated in the murder-robbery of an innocent civilian and got away with it.

I too am a Black man that attended a NY City specialized High School (Brooklyn Tech, ironically located in the same neighborhood where the accused resided with his family), but by contrast I grew up in the projects and my family and home-life was light years below the circumstances in which this protagonist was reared. Somehow I avoided being arrested for participating in a grocery store robbery/murder...lucky I guess? No: CHOICES!

He wasn't a youth from a poor and dysfunctional family, reared by a single parent, living in a slum. Is he a Monster? Maybe not, but he sure as hell wasn't an innocent youth caught up in the systematically flawed and brutal criminal justice system.

Shout Out, respect, and good fortune to all of the actually innocent people that languish in the American prison system, the largest penal system in the world.

Seven stars, for the actors, direction, locations, for everything except the plot.

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